27 October 2014

Latest find in the garden...

I spotted this in the wild part of the garden, the patch dedicated to wild life. 

At this time of year the pretty wild flowers have gone, flowers that in truth I didn't know and couldn't identify. It didn't matter though, I still enjoyed seeing the various new flowers as they opened up to the summer sun. So, when I spotted this the other day I was mystified about it's name. 

The nearest I can come up with is the Iris but other irises in the garden didn't have seed pods like this. Similar, yes, but much smaller and a less dense shade of colour. They almost look good enough to eat!

Gardens can be such mysterious places!


  1. Good enough to, I'll bet they are poisonous, at least they look pretty, but not good for you.

  2. Odd that's for sure. But a little mystery in life just adds spice...:)

  3. Very interesting! If you find out what they are, please post it!

  4. Valerie, I love how colorful these are! They almost look like some kind of pea pod.

    I've been amazed by how many flowers are still in bloom here. I guess it's because we really haven't had a cold snap yet. So I'm just going to enjoy them for however long they're here.

    Happy Monday, dear lady!

    X to you and Joe!

  5. BC, I would think they are poisonous. Actually I did say they ALMOST looked good enough to eat. I was going to post a warning but I guessed everyone who read my blog would know NEVER TO EAT seeds or berries.

    TB, you're right - and the colour of these seed pods did seem to add a little spice to the patch of garden.

    Mona, I will pass on the name if and when I find it.

    Ron, carry on enjoying while you can. Isn't nature remarkable and doesn't it play a big part in our lives

  6. A lovely find Valerie, a nice splash of color for the garden.

  7. what a cool find....the bed seeds look like its Audrey 2...ha....

  8. "Gardens can be such mysterious places" but they are so relaxing in their beauty.

  9. Wow....what a cool discovery....whatever it is.

  10. Brian, I had to Google Audrey 2... OMG how right you are... smiles.

    Jimmy, I agree with your comment; gardens are THE place to go when there's a need to relax.

    Mel, thanks - I hope I find do out what it is... grins.

  11. I have never seen such a plant before, but then again I'm not sure I would notice it if I walked by it. I love their intensly red seed thiugh.


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