18 November 2014

COMPUTERS and a bit about shopping ...

I cannot go shopping without a list and I don't think I'm the only one. It's not about age and forgetfulness it's about being organised. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

When I was first asked if I would like a computer (let me think when that was, Hmm 20 or so years ago) I complained that if I had one I wouldn't know what to do with it. 

'What on earth would I do with a computer?' I asked.
'Well, you could... er ... maybe ... write your shopping list on it.'

I wondered what was wrong with writing one with a pen or pencil, I mean I'd been doing it for years and it never bothered me or made me yearn for another way of doing it. 

Secretly though, the thought of having a computer at a (fairly) late age was kind of thrilling. Of course, I wasn't to know the anxieties I faced once I had one. Anxieties like accidentally removing programmes by a mere touch of a key. But you know me, ever thorough, I didn't just wipe odd programmes I wiped the whole thing. Computers weren't like they are now, these days they come ready formatted. Trust me to get one too early!!

It was the day before going on holiday that it happened. Big Son had warned me never to touch the key with the word FORMAT and I did avoid it, honestly. Until the day before we went away and I hurried to close down the computer and start packing, accidentally, in my rush, touching the FORMAT key. AND LOSING EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING, OMG! 

I felt sick the whole of the two weeks we were in Guernsey (Channel Isles) and I didn't/couldn't tell a soul what I'd done. How I got through that holiday I will never know but get through it I did and the time got nearer when I would have to deal with my problem. It's difficult to describe how I felt but wretched comes close.

As it turned out the problem wasn't half as bad as I expected. All I had to do was phone the Help Line and speak to a nice young man who talked me through the problem and got everything back where it should be. I never found out his name but if he was to read this and recognise the silly woman who removed everything from her computer he would know how much I appreciated his help. If you're looking in, Mister, please know that on that soul-saving day I loved you to bits. 

It's been a one way trip ever since. I'm now known as an expert on the computer which is a load of rubbish because I'm anything but. I just have an enquiring mind. One thing I always tell myself is this: whatever happens, there's always a way to put it right. If you get into a mess, work it out, and put it right. Easy!

Anyway, back to the shopping list. Yes, I did devise one ...  and this is it. It contains everything I will ever want to buy at the store and laid out in appropriate sections like freezer section, bakery, fish and meat, fruit and veg etc. Every week I go round the cupboards with my clipboard list and check what I need or don't need. As I run out of things I tick that item on the list. It's a permanent reminder and a useful thing to take to the shops. All I do is print off a few copies and clip them to the board. When one is complete with a week's shop I cut it in two halves, then fold it like a book. It takes up no room in my bag and all I have to do is shop. Easy!

So, yes, I might have thought it a crazy idea all those years ago but where would I be without my computer now? Where indeed!


  1. What a lovely list and how clever! I am happy to hear what you thought was a complete disaster was in fact recoverable.

  2. My Grocery list is on my smart phone and lo and behold after using it for months, I actually deleted it with one touch. I am building it again.

  3. I know what you mean. It sounds like you are really enjoying your computer as I do mine! lol

  4. Denise, I have improved it over the years and can now change items at a whim. I love spreadsheets, they make everything SO easy.

    BC, I would have been devastated if that happened to me. It's nice to know that I am not alone on the DELETE front... smiles.

    Mona, if I lost the computer it would be like losing a limb. How I got to this stage is a mystery considering the rough start I had.

  5. Oh, I was the mom who was never going to have one of those things in the house....and I had all the horror stories as proof. LOL. And then i sent the girl off to college so she could do computer graphics and design. By then the house had a computer in every bedroom. LOL. Oh and the blunders I made. All growth I'm in a position that has me doing some programming. And yep, I have a list when I go...or the darn stuff falls out of my head! I think you do well to be so organized. Mine's just a piece of lined paper. LOL

  6. Valerie, I so admire you for knowing about spread sheets (which I know nothing about) and creating your very own grocery list! I may have to investigate that on my own computer because as you know, I ALWAYS forget stuff that I need when I go shopping because I never make a list. Never.

    " One thing I always tell myself is this: whatever happens, there's always a way to put it right. If you get into a mess, work it out, and put it right. Easy!"

    Good attitude and you're absolutely right! I can't tell you how many times, when learning about HTML code and making so many mistakes on my blog template, that I eventually figured out a way to correct it.

    Hope you had a super Tuesday, dear lady.

    X to you and Joe!

  7. Ron, I only do lists and ordinary type on the spreadsheet... I am a duncewhen it comes to understanding formuli etc. Mind you there is a key that will do all the adding up for you... I love that one!!!!

  8. Mel, I ran out of paper - hence the computer list!!!!

  9. Oh yes I remember the problems we had while learning the computer, there are still files, programs, and articles floating around out there that I will never find, but like you we have become somewhat dependent on our computers.

    Your shopping list idea is great, Cindy still hand writes hers but I really don't think she pays much attention to it simply because she brings home a lot more than was ever on the list.

    Excellent post Valerie.

  10. Jimmy, okay you force a confession out of me.... I can go into a store for one item and come out with twenty. I believe it's a female trait - we can't resist all those temptations!


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