06 November 2014

Playing with Pictures

If I run out of things to do I can always go on the iPad and play around with a few pictures. Some are fun to do and others are interesting, but there are some that offer the 'same-ole-thing' depending on which photo editor I use. The trouble is when I find one that does something exceptional, there is only so much I can do with it. You will see what I mean when you've browsed the following pics. Some clever bloggers manage to find GREAT editing programmes yet when I try them I have very little success. 

I would like to find a programme that offers free stickers to endorse pictures with. I say 'free' because I don't want to pay the earth for a mere whim. 

The iPad is preferred because, for me, it's more for leisure time use. The computer gets used too much for business work so in the evening I like a little bit of a break and some playtime. 

Anyway, what do you think of the latest efforts:

Don't they just!
Shots taken from the dining table at Moor Hall's Country Kitchen. The carvery area speaks for itself but the top two pictures show a corner display that was quite attractive and an old fashioned fireplace complete with logs. One day I must ask if they ever light a fire in it.
A random shot of  our lounge titivated with a few odd stickers
My favourite 'floater' coffee
I kept the best until last. Now this IS amazing! A globe full of family pics... how great is that? Trouble is I can't send it to the folk on it. I did try, but apparently it couldn't be opened. I'm not clever enough to get round that one... smiles. 


  1. What fun pics Valerie and very creative. I do love that globe!

  2. ha the ball is pretty cool...imagine having that and being able to turn it over and over and look at all the little pictures....your flowers are def pretty as well

  3. Splendid, Valerie! I'm impressed. Keep trying win the globe one ... I'm sure your family would find it such a lovely thing to get!

  4. That looks like fun...I have asked for a tablet for Christmas from Santa. I definitely could not use this on my smart phone. I am only smart enough to make phone calls.

  5. *thunderous applause*

    Valerie, these are all faaaaaaaabulously creative!

    The one of the globe is so clever! I've never seen an edit like that. It's SO cool!

    Well done! You're a PRO!

    Have a terrific Thursday!

    X to you and Joe

    P.S. I use both PicMonkey and Pixlr to add stickers and overlays to my photographs. They're both very good and FREE.

  6. YOu are a very creative person, really creative. I loved the first one. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  7. Hi Denise, I liked the globe as well, but really it's a once only thing unless I put loads of flowers on it. Hmm I might give that a try.

    Brian, it would be better in real life, think of the hours of pleasure turning it round in your hands and seeing all your family there.

    Jenny, thank you. I will keep on trying. Of course it may be that the recipients didn't know how to open it. I will work on that one.

    BC, it would be better on a tablet... you wouldn't be able to see things properly on a phone. Hope Santa honours your wishes this year.

  8. Thank you, Ron. for the applause. I can't take the credit though, since I followed the directions of the people who devised the apps. However, I was a bit proud of the globe.

    Thanks for the info about stockers. I will look into that later in the day - after I've done with WI work.

  9. Thanks, Cuban. Credit really should goes to those who designed the apps ... I wouldn't know where to start on my own.

  10. Wonderful, I specially like the globe, well done.

  11. Great play with images. Love your after dinner kick! :D

    Mersad Donko Photography

  12. Still creating, I see! From poetry to pictures... bravo!
    I don't think I post anything straight from the camera. Not usually time to add the fun things, but I definitely crop, fix color, maybe do a little border or a slight blur effect.


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