19 January 2015

Getting it out of the system!

Is it decreed in the heavens that everyone should have an off day? Is it ordained that if one partner has it rough the other should likewise have a bad time?
My upset started early this morning. Remember the problem I had and still have with the damned washing machine? Well, it just had another turn! I had got into the habit of loading the washing machine for an overnight wash because then it seemed to be less temperamental. I religiously load two of everything, never one, never three, because the machine doesn't like it. So last night I wool- washed two jumpers. It has been done before many times but this time the machine objected and left the two garments in a sodden state. Several times I tried the independent spinner but no joy there either. So now the garments are hanging - indoors because of the weather - and dripping into the laundry room sink. 
Joe's upset came at breakfast when the bag inside a practically new box of sugar puffs decided to split - just as he was getting his breakfast. You never saw such a mess, although to be fair the bag did split over the work counter and not too many went on the floor. 

I have now discovered that blackbirds quite like sugar puffs. 

Maybe tomorrow will be better. 

Thanks for listening :o)


  1. Mine was doing the same thing. It turned out that a Bundle (harness) of wires tied together with a plastic tie. Two of the wires under the tie had broken and of course the connection was broken causing the washer not to rinse and spin. I had to find the answer on google and tell the repairman.

  2. ha. our blackbirds wait for the scraps at my house too....glad it was not too much of a mess...nor the wash...

  3. Oh dear, things are sent to try the souls of man, and women ;) thanks for joining in my guessing game Valerie. I have the answer up now.

  4. BC - I have noted the answer to your problem. I think washing machine engineers need all the help they can get.

    Brian, the mess was clearable, wish I could say the same about the washer...grins.

    Denise, you are so right, things are sent to try us. Popping across now to see the answer to the quiz.

  5. "I have now discovered that blackbirds quite like sugar puffs. "

    HAHAHAHAHA!Too funny, Valerie!

    Ironic you mentioned your dilemma with your washing machine because the same thing has happened to me doing my laundry in the washing machines in my apartment building. Some of them won't spin completely, leaving my clothes soaking wet so that I have to hang them up in my bathroom to dry. And it's especially irritating when it comes to my blue jeans because they take FOREVER to dry.

    Great rant, Valerie!

    Have a super Monday!

    X to you and Joe

  6. Ron, at least YOU know how I feel about stupid washing machines. Thank goodness I wasn't washing jeans, although in the past they too have come out soaking wet. At that time I was able to hang out in the garden, but now.... OMG. The wash today was two woollen jumpers and you know how careful one has to be with pure wool! It's worse than selfies!!!!!

  7. Yes we have days like this too! It feels like everything conspires against you, doesn't it. Sometimes the only way to get round it is to go back to bed!

  8. You are going to get your blackbirds hooked on sugar. I hate it when packaging does everything but keep a good package.

  9. Hope tomorrow works out better! I think we all have our bad least we can find a little humor in them. Today I spilled onion powder into an open drawer as I tried to put it away...and it also spilled onto the floor and my sock! At least it wasn't garlic!

  10. I'd love to see a picture of the blackbirds tucking into Sugar Puffs! It must have been quite comical!

    The washing machine, not so funny. We've had all kinds of problems with various washing machines over the years and it's never funny. They worst one - no, the worst two - were 1) when it turned out that a printed circuit board was sited underneath the machine just where it would get instantly splashed and fried if ever there was the smallest leak, and 2) when an underwire came out of one of my bras, got out of the drum through one of the holes, and gummed up the works. That was a little embarrassing when the repair man held it up sternly and said 'here's your problem'!

  11. Thanks, Mersad. I hope so too.

    Stella, good to see you again. Next time I will take your tip and go back to bed... smiles. By the way, I never solved the problem of commenting on your blog. Are you still blogging?

    Hello Larry, I hope there won't be any more spillages from which to feed the blackbirds.

  12. Hi Bethany, you're right, we can always laugh after the event.
    I have to say I would have wept over losing onion powder .. lol.

    Jay, you should have seen the blackbirds this morning, almost fighting over very dry bread. And I've religiously damped it down for them... I shall know next time!! I can safely say my washing machine was a technical fault from the start.... the engineer was called out on the first day I used it!

  13. ROTFLMAO!! Oh, I do feel better about setting the timer to brew my coffee and forgetting to put the pot underneath it. :-/ I can laugh about! LOL


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