16 January 2015

Whether the weather be bad... or not

'Ferny Creek, Victoria's coldest and wettest town'

(headline and pictures taken from the Age website)

Yes, it's high summer where our Rosanne lives - in Australia. And there was me wishing it was summer here in the UK. Rosanne loves it though, well it must make a change from the extreme heat they have there. Realistically, though, it must be a relief to have loads of water damp down all the wild fires they have there. Remind me never to moan about the weather again.

Living in the middle of the UK is a bit protective for us. Yes, we get snow but nothing like the stuff that falls in the North and, yes, we have rain but again we're lucky when we think of those who suffer extreme flooding. I cannot begin to imagine what it feels like to have a home totally ruined by water. As I type the weather changes from startling bright sunshine to darkening skies threatening goodness knows what in the way of rain or sleet or snow. Yesterday, I had trouble turning the car on ice and today I rushed to get out of the rain but deep down, as I draw the curtains to blot out the bright sunlight that prohibits computer viewing, I thank my lucky stars I live where I do 'cause there's never a dull moment!


  1. "Yes, it's high summer where our Rosanne lives - in Australia."

    OMG, Valerie, that's right...I totally forgot about Australia having opposite seasons as we do. When we have summer, they have winter. When we have winter, they have summer. And I think it's the same with any country below the equator.

    And you're right about the rain because when I live in Florida for 20 years (where it rains a lot), there were times when we would have severe flooding because the Florida terrain is so flat that the water has no where to go.

    Hope you had a FAB day!

    X to you and Joe!

    P.S. Yes, it's been very icy here too.

  2. well i hope it is not too exciting for you....had a dash of snow on the way home after a relatively warm (40) day....

  3. Have you ever watched the movie "Never a Dull Moment" starring Dick Van Dyke? It's hilarious! Best wishes to you for good weather. The rainy and foggy weather of the UK is pretty famous!

  4. Ron, I always thought of Florida as being 100% sunny. Films are so deceptive, aren't they? Still, I bet the rain is warm.

  5. Brian, snow should be abolished especially on a warm day... smiles

  6. Bethany, I don't recall that film - the memory is not what it was. Is it worth chasing up, d'you think?

  7. A bit late I know but HAPPY NEW YEAR Valerie!

    I am of the same mind as you, here in Lancashire we don't do too bad weather wise and thankfully we're not prone to floods. Small mercies eh?

  8. When it's hot and humid here in the summer I say to myself what on earth is it like further down south. Same with snow for our friends up north. Puts everything in perspective.

  9. I am looking forward to some sunshine. We have not had a lot here in Idaho to start off 2015. Take care Val. My best to you and Joe.

  10. Hi Pearl, good to see you back again. Yes, small mercies indeed. Thank you for your message re Joe... he's doing quite well, considering everything that's happened to him over the past 18 months.


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