10 February 2015


You wouldn't want to see a self-taken selfie because even if I’d taken one I’m not vane enough to think it would be worth looking at. I know that’s as bad an attitude as the one adopted by selfie-takers but I’d rather be me than them. Older and wiser never seemed as pertinent as it is now. It seems to me that new fashions or fads are like a contagious disease... they spread. Everyone hops on the bandwagon and if you don’t join them they think there’s something wrong with you. Well, I have news for them, there’s nothing wrong with me except a desire to BE me and not share everything with a thousand others.

Now that I’ve grumbled about selfies I am turning my attention to tattoos.

Have you noticed how they’ve SPREAD? Once upon a time only men, particularly sailors, went in for tattoos, then girls started to have discreet ones, on an ankle or shoulder, and small enough to be almost attractive. However, I now see girls who are outdoing the men with whole arms and legs covered with hideous pictures. I prayed they wouldn’t go the whole hog and cover their bodies like a guy I saw in a hospital waiting room but I see from internet photographs that I'm a little late in catching on about this awful trend. 

The guy I saw in the waiting room was SMOTHERED with tattoos. His whole face, ears and neck, back and front, from hair line to somewhere beyond the neck of his t-shirt, showed not a scrap of pink skin. Even his legs – from the little I could see since the guy wore trousers – were covered. The arms were the same, right down to his fingernails and I just know the rest of the body was adorned in the same way. I mean, if he went to the trouble to have his entire face, arms and legs tattooed why would he stop at embellishing his body in the same ugly manner? He was literally a tattoo freak, a fact confirmed by Joe when they ended up in the same ward, on opposite beds.

Now this was a guy who obviously wanted to look different to everyone else so, although I didn’t like his appearance, at least I respect his desire for independence. It did cross my mind, however, that one day there would be many others who would copy the idea of total tattooing. Seems I was right!

I wonder if he ever bothered taking selfies?


  1. Valerie, you already know my feelings about this obsessive trend with selfies - HA!

    "Everyone hops on the bandwagon and if you don’t join them they think there’s something wrong with you."

    You're right, and isn't it ironic how this seems to happen with so many things?

    "The guy I saw in the waiting room was SMOTHERED with tattoos. His whole face, ears and neck, back and front, from hair line to somewhere beyond the neck of his t-shirt, showed not a scrap of pink skin."

    I work with a guy who has tattoos like that. And also piercings. I don't mind tattoos on people if they're placed in areas on the body discretely. I have a tattoo myself, it's on my upper right shoulder. But that's it. I know many people say that getting a tattoo doesn't hurt, but it sure hurt me. Which is why I never got anymore. Plus, I just like having the one.

    Have a super Tuesday!

    X to you and Joe

  2. Good afternoon, Ron. I don't mind the odd one so you're BUT, all over tattooing? I cannot contemplate the pain that would involve.

  3. ha. i think the insanity of the selfie is to prove we were document a moment...our lives and give them substance...its like a diary...its weird...

    i dont take them...ha...

    tattooes are pretty cool...i have none of those either but i would...and almost have several times....

  4. It is the same over here. It is definitely a trend to have many tattoos on one's body, for men and women. As for selfies, at my age I do not want to see myself up that close ;)

  5. Fads like this are interesting, aren't they? I've never thought much of the idea of taking a selfie at every opportunity, and like you, doubt that anyone would want to see them anyway.

    As to tattoos, yeah, it would be inexplicable except that I think it becomes one of two things: an addiction, or a desire to outdo everyone else - either in terms of the ability to withstand pain, or in terms of the art. I've seen greyhound people with what I consider to be hideous, huge tattoos of their beloved dogs on arms or legs and they're so proud ... but to me it's cringe-making. The pictures themselves may be beautiful, (though sometimes the execution of the art leaves a LOT to be desired) but the placement ... uh, not for me. Really.

  6. Hi Brian. I agree that some tattoos are okay but when it's token cover-up I feel quite nauseous.

    Thank goodness I never feel the urge to let folk see my diary!!

  7. Denise, I wonder how people can stand the pain of a tattooing needle, or whatever they call it.

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  9. Jay, I haven't seen a tattoo up close so have missed out on seeing people's pets. I'm thinking a pet-selfie would be better than a tattoo!

    My apologies for getting your name wrong... perhaps I should blame the eyesight. I promise to better ....

  10. OMG, I'm such a prude....I don't indulge in either. Wait....not true. I woke up to a "party dot" on my hand once in my youth. And then I removed it, diligently over time...myself...with sandpaper. Ouch on many levels.
    But I was desperate for employment and knew that wouldn't likely happen with that out there for everyone to see. Funny how the world evolves, huh.
    I still, even in 'this era', ask people to remove piercings and cover 'body art' in the work place.
    OMG...LOL...I AM a prude! ;-)

  11. I think some people see it as an art form. I read about a woman who had some kind of ugly skin complaint that was permanent so she covered herself with tattoos instead - I like that bold approach! it meant that people had something interesting to look at not just her bad skin.

  12. You killed me with that last line. :-) I have a small tattoo on my back and have wanted it removed for many years but when I found out about the costs I decided to keep it. It means nothing now.

    Now, on selfies, don't get me started...

    Greetings from London.

  13. Cuban, I won't mention selfies again in case you let forth with your real feelings about them.... grins.

  14. Jenny, I think I'd rather go for skin grafts than tattoos.

  15. Doing something so permanently to the body seems questionable. I wonder at what stage they will have regrets. It reminds me more of an obsession than and enhancement. I don't want my self to be shown in such an unprepared way. I won't show a photo that takes me to a worse stage than I am already in.

  16. Selfies... guilty.
    Tattoos... guilty.


    The tats, I would actually have more... if... I had more money and my husband hadn't asked me to not get too many. Well, I wouldn't go to the extreme of whole body or sleeve work. I have two decent size ones... very colorful. On my upper back, and my calf. The Geisha on my calf, I've considered adding to, which he would be okay with, but the artists get a lot of money now. Over a hundred an hour! I'll wait a bit longer.

  17. I'm with you on on the selfies and too many tattoos. I have tried to take a few selfies but I don't think the world needs to see any more of me so that's why I will just take picture of my kiddos. I also like a few tattoos here and there but not the whole smothering process. I think they are going to regret it when they are much older. Take care Val and my best to you and Joe.

  18. Hi Mary, thank you for all your lovely comments. It's great to see you blogging again.

    Regarding the tattoos, at least they are private and not the 'in-your-face-and-embarrassing-to-look-at variety like some.

    I had no idea they cost so much to have done.


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