07 February 2015

Songs and Sounds on Saturday

Joe and I saw Gladys Knight and The Pips at a concert here at home 
and I've loved her ever since
Here she is singing A Midnight Train to Georgia


  1. Valerie, it's ironic you post this because I was talking with someone at work a few days ago about how Gladys Knight is timeless. I saw a clip of her singing on Good Morning America and not only does it seem as though she never ages, but her voice is just as strong now as it was when she first started.

    I think it's so cool that you and Joe saw her in concert!

    Thanks for sharing this clip today. Enjoyed!


  2. I haven't heard that song in eons, thanks for the reminder.

  3. nice....haven't heard that song in a while...happy Saturday....

  4. Great video Valerie. I also saw them in concert when I first came to the states. Fantastic!

  5. Good morning, Ron. Timeless is absolutely the right word for Gladys Knight. She is amazing, and so is her voice.

  6. What a beautiful, powerful voice. Thank you for sharing. :)
    So nice you got to see her perform.


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