10 December 2017

View from the windows

It is years since we had such a snowfall. I'd almost forgotten what snow felt like. 



And not a wheel mark in sight
Fortunately it is Sunday so most people won't have to go to work, but I pity those who do!

Charlie won't go out and neither will I, but I remember when my labradors couldn't wait to gambol in the snow. They loved it. 

Come on folks, admit it ... when did you last gambol in  fresh snow?


  1. Fresh snow is the best, if you have no place you have to be.

  2. FANTASTIC shots of the snow you got, Valerie. WOW....that's A LOT! Being someone who loves winter and snow, I smiled while looking at these images and reading your words.e
    "Come on folks, admit it ... when did you last gambol in fresh snow?"

    OMG..I LOVE to gambol in fresh snow, no kidding! In fact, I do it every year after a really good snowfall. There is a park not far from where I live in which I throw myself into the snow and roll in it - just like dog!

    It snowed here yesterday, but nearly as much as you got. After work, I enjoyed walking home, getting snow all over my face. Living in a city though, the snow doesn't stick as much as living out in the suburbs.

    There is nothing quite so exciting and beautiful as the first snowfall of the season, is there?

    Enjoy your Sunday, my friend!

  3. My gamboling days are long gone, can't remember my last one. Love pictures of snow, but not being out in it.

  4. Joeh, absolutely right. We don't have much snow these days, in fact I cannot remember when we last had any. I do remember long-lasting snowfalls though. Ah, those were the days.

  5. Janet, so are mine. I am so unused to seeing snow so please forgive my excitement.

  6. Ron, it hasn't stopped snowing for three days, but a few winds during the night have removed some of it. As I live on a hill the kids have been out with their sledges. Oh to be young again! Perhaps next time you will take a selfie of you gamboling in the snow.

  7. I did, this morning! :-) It snowed in London for the first time in ages. I went to get my Sunday paper but stopped short at going out for a run. My marathon training has been put on hold for the mo.

    Greetings from London.

  8. Cuban, 3 or 4 years since the last snowfall, according to BBC!

  9. It has been a year. When our border collie was younger, he would prance around in the snow, leaping from place to place.

  10. Larry, I loved to see my dogs enjoying themselves in the snow. Oh happy days!

  11. The snow we had is long gone and now it's just cold. I love the pampas grass you have (goes by so many names). Our dog used to adore the snow but I sure don't miss cleaning it off of her everytime she came in. Enjoy your view.

  12. kden, Joe used to cut the pampas down but I can't (or won't) do that, not yet anyway. He wanted rid of the plumes whereas I liked to keep them until they were finished.

  13. Well, living in the northeast of the US, I'm afraid that snowfall is a regular occurrence. It's hard to believe, but we average 10 feet (3 meters) per winter in central New York state. The city is well equipped with plows and sanders, but nevertheless, I dread driving in it.

    Your photos are beautiful! That's how I like snow; inside looking out :-)

  14. Carol, we haven't had snow for several years so it's a bit of a novelty. Last night was the coldest ever but 'they' say it is warming up and rain is due in a couple of days.


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