19 December 2017


Christmas tomorrow.
Mother said,
lie down and sleep,
My sleepy head.

Look, here comes Santa
Happy and merry
Not surprising
After mince pie and sherry.

Christmas stocking
Hanging askew
Now filled with love
And something new

Oranges? Apples?
What a surprise!
You should see the horror
In the little kid’s eyes

Where’s the Nintendo
You promised before
I can’t train my brain
With an apple core!

(NB. Ditty scribbled when the NINTENDO was all the rage)


  1. OMG Valerie, yes, I remember the NINTENDO VERY well! Back then, it was soooooooo high-tech and advanced. It was the rage!

    Great one, my friend! Perfect for this holiday season!


  2. Haha!! You should put your writings in a book, Valerie. I hope you enjoy your Christmas. I can't believe it has crept up so quickly. Maybe it is because we were away in Holland during the run-up when I'd normally be doing cards, but it seems there is a lot to do suddenly and I am nowhere near getting through it!

  3. Ron, you know me... anything remotely Christmassy comes out every year. I really should sit down and write something new.

  4. Hi Jenny. All my writings are in books. I enjoyed doing that and seeing them on the bookshelf.
    Christmas will be quiet for me this year. I don't mind, it gives me the chance to reflect. Joe was taken into hospital on Christmas Eve two years ago so I need some time on my own to ponder. Hope you manage to get all cards written in time.

  5. Great poem. My wife's mother use to get an orange and a potato in a stocking for Christmas when she was a child in rural Ireland. Then her mother would take the orange and potato and cook Christmas Dinner.

  6. What is Nintendo not popular anymore? Shows you what I know about computer games etc. Funny poem. :D

  7. Joey, it might be still around. I must check!

  8. Ooh Dave, things were tougher then but I hope your mother got something to replace the orange and potato.

  9. How adorable Val!

    I hope you and Charlie and all of your family have a wonderful New Year!πŸ’ŸπŸΈπŸ˜Š

  10. Oh yes I remember spending good money on Nintendo for the kids, but that only lasted a short while. I can't say that I even know what is popular now.

  11. Thank you, Geraldine. Hope you too (two) have a good Christmas.

  12. I'm the same, Jimmy. Even though I don't visit shops very oftenI usually hear kids talking on their way to school. Chatter these days seems to be computer orientated.

  13. Mince pie and sherry sounds good! Hope you have a merry Christmas, Val!

  14. Good memories. Nintendo? Wow. We always got an orange in the toe of the stocking, handfuls of mixed nuts to shell, and a sticky block of hard ribbon candy.

    Merry Christmas, Valerie. I am betting that you have been nice girl all year.

  15. Thanks Paul. Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas. Guessing the girls will be home as well.

  16. Hey Susan, me too - if I was lucky. I used to hunt for presents but never found any, goodness only knows where they were hidden lol.

  17. I will always remember when my mom would put oranges or tangerines in the sock. It was magically as we were poor farmers at the time far, far away from any warm climate in winter. Merry Christmas to you. I hope the whole season is a good one for you.

  18. LD, never to be forgotten memories always seem to rise at this time of year.


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