25 February 2020


1. Comes to something when I apologise to the cat!

2. Now the workmen have gone the house seems very quiet.

3. Winder cleaner came today. He reminded me that he’s been cleaning my windows for over 20 years.

4. Ready prepared dinners delivered, so much better than starving!

5. The war with bin men seems to be over. At last they collect, empty and return the bins. Mind you it took a few months to get Council management to achieve it, all due to my neighbour’s determination to succeed.

6. Our weather is playing tricks, bright sunshine in the morning and heavy snow in the afternoon.

7. I needed paper clips, but all mine had disappeared. Ordered more from Amazon … delivered same day. What would we do with them?

8. New radiators are working well.

9. Valuables locked in drawer, I thought I knew where I’d put the key!

10. Must go, it’s feeding time. 


  1. Cleaning the windows for 20 years? WHen is he going to be done?

    I'm retired for 12 years and still have plenty of paper clips, may have to go back to work and restock if I run out.

    1. Haha the workplace must lose fortunes.... of course that's how I got mine.

  2. 1. Yes, that comes to all of us at some point in our lives, lol!

    2. I expect you are enjoying getting the lack of noise.

    3. I wish I had a window cleaner. I remember the ones my mum used to have.

    4. I’m happy you won’t starve :)

    5. Glad to hear the bin men problem has been sorted out and good for your neighbor.

    6. Goodness, snow?

    7. I just realized I don’t have one paper clip in this house.

    8. Happy the radiators are working well.

    9. The key will turn up when you are looking for something else. That’s usually what happens to me.

    10. Enjoy feeding time :)

    1. You and I are sooo alike, Denise. Yes, snow... but not much of it. I have also learned how to ignore losing something on the basis that it will turn up. That never fails but it took a while to stop worrying every time.

    2. Yes we are Valerie. The worry is worrying :) Wishing you a good day my friend.

  3. Valerie, I am so happy to read that the war with bin men is over. And bless your neighbour’s determination! Also happy to hear that the new radiators are working well. Yahooooo! Don't you just love when something dreaded is over? And the great thing is that next winter you'll have no issues with heat.

    Hope you having a great week!

    X to you and Mr. Charlie

    1. Hi Ron, I must show your reply to my neighbour. She will be so thrilled. I do hope you are right about next winter!

  4. I have a habit of apologizing to my cats, too - - when in fact they should apologize to me. They break things, puke on the carpet, and often jump on my computer keyboard. Then they demand their supper...

    I wish someone would deliver meals to me. I'm tired of cooking.
    As for paper clips - I have several boxes of them that I purchased over ten years ago.

    It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who loses keys. It's become a habit with me. It's supposed to snow here on Friday, which will be a nice change from all the rain. Take care and enjoy the new radiator!

    1. I've only just realised that cats rule the roost. I don't let mine win all the time, though. Plus, whoever invented keys should be persecuted by someone pinching his keys.

  5. I have an a daft habit of calling our cat one of my sons name instead of the cats real name Domino.

  6. Watch out, that's a sign of ageing lolol.

  7. This morning we had heavy snow, but by lunchtime the sun came out and it was a pleasant afternoon.

    I'd much prefer a quiet house than one with workman! I'm glad your radiators are working well!

  8. I love the fast delivery from Amazon. Too much maybe, since I always have a monthly credit card bill.


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