10 August 2011


I wasn’t going to write about the troubles in England but I’m really fired up now. I’m so angry with the way my country is going. Every day this week there have been riots up and down the land, riots that would better be described as demonstrations of thuggery and criminality by kids who seem to think the world and its people owe them a living. What right have they to assume that what belongs to others should be theirs? When I was a kid I wouldn’t dare say boo to a policeman for fear that I would get in trouble by him and by my parents but nowadays youngsters don’t give a toss for their superiors.

I suppose someone somewhere will blame the situation on the fact that there’s no work for the young and nothing for them to do. So what did we do when we were young, where did we go? There was no television, no mobile phones, nowhere to go except the local park except the local picture house or a youth club, yet strange as it may seem we didn’t go out in gangs to smash up the town and ransack the shops.

One television programme showed a girl being interviewed by a reporter. She was asked what she thought of the police and her vehement reply was ‘they don’t appreciate us so why should we appreciate them’ … have you ever heard such a load of garbage coming out of a young mouth?

The latest news in my area was that three young people were deliberately mown down and killed by the driver of a stolen van as they tried to protect their homes and businesses.

And what about the poor kid who was robbed even as he was helped to stand up? The young man, with blood on his face and a pool of blood on the floor, was encircled by a group of youths, one of whom helped him to his feet. As he stood another a man searched the boy's backpack and snatched what looked like a mobile phone. The video for that has travelled the internet and thank God everyone can see what ‘feral rats’ they are. That wasn’t my expression but I liked it so I pinched it because it is such an apt description.

Seeing the picture of young people pitching in to restore our streets has helped me to remember that the vermin are in the minority.

Must go now and find something to do!


  1. Val this situation is so sad. So much hate and anger spewing from these young people. It is not just England, trouble and bad behaviour is happening all around the world. Look at the US congress, they will do whatever it takes to take down Obama, doesn't matter they are taking down their own country as well as the world. Can we really blame the kids? Look at the examples we are setting, I love seeing the good people try and make things right. After the Stanley Cup in Vancouver the city rioted, it was the next day thousands showed up with brooms, garbage bags and shovels to clean up the mess of the ignorant. (oops guess I shouldn't of gotten started on this subject)
    Hope you are well my friend...Hugs

  2. I have been following the news
    on the videos are
    sickening. Nothing worse than
    gang mentality..

    Whatever you do.. stay safe.!!

  3. this is craziness.....on one level i can understand the frustrations, but the methods far outweigh the arguments and any point being made is lost...

  4. I agree with every word you wrote! When I was a kid, there were no cell phones, no computers, no iPads, not even a TV til later years....we kids went outside and created our own entertainment...built forts, rode bikes, or horses in my case...what's this world coming to?

  5. Bernie... replied by email.

    Faye, torrential rain minimised the trouble last night. Thank God. Now that we're hearing more about the rioters I'm appalled that one is a social worker and one a teaching assistant.

    Brian, I find it difficult to understand the reason for such blatant violence.

    Mona, the world has certainly changed and not for the better ... it makes me very unhappy.

  6. Yes, Valerie, I've been reading about this in our U.S. news. In fact, yesterday and today several bloggers I know have posted about it.

    Honestly, it must be something in the air because here in Philadelphia we have tremendous acts of violence, and all by young kids. In fact, two weeks ago a man about my age (right in front of my apartment building) was beaten so severly by a large group of kids. We call them Flash Gangs. And it's happening more and more each year.

    It's both scary and very sad.

    Wishing you wonderful day, dear lady!


  7. Well all I can say is Hear Hear I agree with everything you said Valerie!

    Scum the lot of them!

  8. Hi Valerie-
    I just wanted to say how shocked I was as much as the rest of the world.
    I have a few friends in the UK and checked with them that all was well.

    Where values gone? I am a part of the generation that they call the "baby boomers". But, my parents taught me the good basic values of their era. I have kept these values with me such as; honesty, hard work and good common sense.

    I know that the real solution was not that looting and burning! It is going to take a longer time to find a few real answers for these young people...

  9. Ron, it must have been awful that man, and for you witnessing the scene by your apartment. We've had happy snappers here, dreadful name considering what they do.... beat someone to pulp and film themselves doing it. I know retaliation isn't the way to go but it does make me wonder what how they would feel if we burned their houses down and injured their families.

    Pearl, agreed!

    Barb, thanks for your comment. I feel that the old values have gone by the wayside. Don't know why but then I'm not a great analyst.

  10. Some of the comments made by the rioters parents are so stupid it makes me think there is no hope. But then I remember all the good kids who have come out to help. There is hope. Good must triumph over evil.

  11. I was thinking of you and wondering how you were when I saw the rioters on TV. It was unbelievable! But it's nice to see all kinds of people, young and old, help clean up the mess. Hopefully the police will catch all the ones who caused the trouble!

  12. A horrible situation. It's scary to think that the young have no respect for authority or a sense of human decency. Sadly, that callousness is becoming more and more evident in the young throughout the world. Like you Val, I'm praying that this gang like mentality is only coming from a minority of young people. But there's a big part of me that fears it's more pervasive.

    Praying for your country.


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