06 August 2011

Sunday Scene

From the safety of a cruise liner I watched the boat speed over the water and imagined it to be an exhilarating experience


  1. I would be like you on the cruise ship, not on the speed boat!!

    Gill in Canada

  2. oh yes, be they are having lots of fun...need to get out on a boat...been a couple years...

  3. OOh just imagine that on a hot day..I'm thinking Daniel Craig and cocktails...
    Mind you I'm struggling to imagine a hot day at all with all the rain we are having LOL.

  4. Reminds me of the time or two we watched speedboat racing on TV, and sometimes how they would hit the water wrong and fly through the air breaking apart.

  5. It definitely would cool things off...
    imagine that spray on your face..
    nice capture Val.!!

  6. I loved all the views from the cruise ship I went on. :)

  7. When I worked as a merchant seaman on cruise ships. We were not allowed to talk to the passengers. But I think now that I can safely say I prefer the comfort of a ship.

  8. What a faaaaaaabulous shot, Valerie!

    And I know that exhilarating feeling because when I lived in Florida, my dad got our family a small speed boat that we would use for water skiing.

    OMG...what an EXHILARATING feeling!


    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday, dear lady


  9. A boat ride looks like a fun thing to do for the summer. I use to like taking trips across a lake in Minnesota.


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