05 August 2011


Come on, own up, who built that house in my garden?

The house is, of course, my next door neighbour's abode and the vision brick wall is what separates us. The reflection is great but I prefer it not to obliterate most of the old Beech and all of the Silver Birch tree.


cheshire wife said...

You always have to compromise on something.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. at least you have some room between you and the neighbors...

Montanagirl said...

You presented a really nice photo with the open window reflection. Very creative - well done!

Ron said...

Valerie, I love how this photo gives us a peak into your charming-looking home.

I really like how you have that patio/porch glassed in. I bet it's lovely to sit out there and enjoy the change of seasons.

Thanks for sharing, dear lady.

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Saturday!


Valerie said...

Brian, I'm grateful for the space.

Mona, thank you.

Ron, it is good to sit out when the weather permits. I love looking at the garden where the trees provide total privacy. Happy Saturday to you.

faye said...

That is the bad part of living in town
or a suburb.... out in the country
and with glasses removed, you can't see
the neighbor's place in the distance.