19 August 2011

Yesterday's Lunch

Home cooked pork sausages seasoned with herb, leak and spring onion, served on a bed of peas and creamy mashed potato. We'll be eating out today ... I can't slave over the stove on a Saturday!


  1. I don't do much cooking on a Saturday either Valerie - we have a takeaway. :)

  2. We are different we have our meal of the week on a Saturday night.

  3. and you saved some for me right...looks great to me...

  4. Pearl, we used to do that ... now we go to the local pub.

    CW, our meal of the week is on a Sunday lunchtime.

    Brian, of course I saved some ... it was tasty enough to share just a little bit.

  5. Valerie, that shot of your lunch is beyond scrumptious!

    Yummy! Yummy!

    I'm such a pea lover. Especially, sweet baby peas!

    Have a glorious Saturday, dear lady!

    Bon appetit!


  6. That looks so good! I don't do much big cooking anymore. Just two of's rather hit and miss around here.

  7. Ron, it was yummy. We have a local butcher who makes his own sausages and they fabulous. So many big flavours. Great with mash and peas.

  8. Oh yum! Now that's my kind of meal.


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