30 August 2011



An English Shepherd said...

Very healthy :-)

faye said...

Make mine Rice Krispies and
blended frozen yogurt... but not together..

Happy Wordless Wednesday !!

oooh and if you sat on the bench
in my blog post then you might need
to watch out for gators just ahead
on the trail.

Brian Miller said...

yours is a whole lot healthier than this coffee i am swilling...smiles.

Valerie said...

Akelamalu left a new comment on your post "Wordless...":

A healthy breakfast. I have BranFlakes and mixed fruit and I so look forward to it. :)

Sorry Pearl, for some reason your comment wouldn't publish so I copied from 'notifications'. I like your style of breakfast too.

Valerie said...

Faye, I'll try that. I like frozen yogurt.

Brian, coffee can be harmful. Hope you don't drink it to excess.

Ron said...

What a flawlessly healthy breakfast, Valerie!

And I had to smile because guess what I had for breakfast this morning?

Strawberry yogurt!

Great workless Wednesday, dear lady!

Enjoy your day.....X

P.S. btw, I've meaning to tell you this - I love your blog header photo!

Valerie said...

Hi Ron, Heehee I KNEW you had yogurt before I read your words.

I too love the header picture, the shimmering sea is soooo inviting.

Have a wonderful day yourself x

Montanagirl said...

Breakfast time? Have a great day.

L. D. Burgus said...

I use to enjoy yogurt on Crispy Wheats and Raisins. I don't think they make the cereal anymore. It was so good. Yogurt on yogurt cereal must be good too.

septembermom said...

That's a healthy way to start the day. Great "wordless" choice for a post, Valerie.