04 January 2012

Greeting Cards

I thought it was time to update my collection of greeting cards. Here's a few that I've done recently. The first is a scene of the garden at the old house, tarted up with a few adornments. The butterfly is actually yellow but the camera didn't pick it out.

Next is a 3D decoupage card made from a picture taken from a sheet of gift wrap. The Scottie dog is layered so that he stands out.

This is a picture scrounged from Montanagirl (thank you, Mona) who is a brilliant photographer. As you can see I used the picture twice, using different floral adornments.

Another 3D decoupage style. The design was cut out from wallpaper and repeated several times so that I could make the grapes stand out.

That's it for today. I am always on the lookout for scenic pictures, particularly views suitable for men's birthday cards. If anyone has one they would like to share I would love to see it. Accreditation is given where necessary.


  1. Those are just lovely, you're so talented Valerie!

  2. oo nice..i like the vibrant color in that last one with the grapes...

  3. Wow... Well done, you!

    I blunder my way through a card or two for the holidays--k.....more like 100.
    Then I'm done for a good chunk of time. LOL 100 handmade cards will do that for me! ;-)

  4. These are beautiful. I love cards and am always buying them if I see one that takes my fancy. I have a bag full of them - yet I still somehow manage to forget birthdays!!

    All for best for 2012.
    CJ x

  5. Thanks, Pearl. I had a break from cardmaking but am back now.

    Brian, i am quite happy with that one.

    Mel, you beat me in sheer numbers.

    CJ, thanks. I make them for my own enjoyment and to keep the old brain and fingers active.

  6. Faaaaaaaaabulous!

    These cards are so charming. And MUCH better than any store bought card I've ever seen.

    I had no idea you made greeting cards!?!

    May I quote Pearl and say...."you're sooooo talented, Valerie!"

    LOVE the 3D effect!

    Have a lovely day, dear lady!


  7. Hi Ron, Thank you. You must have missed the last batch I posted. Pictures inspire me either to write a story or make a greeting card. Thank goodness for cameras.

  8. Those are quite wonderful Val : you are really a very creative Lady. And a most happy new year to you and your family,

  9. Those cards are so lovely! As a cardmaker myself, I can appreciate the time and care that went into each of them.
    Happy creating in 2012!

  10. Those gift cards are gorgeous. You are SO talented!

  11. CrystalChick, thank you. Hope to see some of yours sometime.

    Pegbur7, thank you. I tried to access your blog today but Blogger wouldn't let me in.

  12. WOW! Those are awesome! You are super talented!! I am in awe!!

  13. How strange. The wife went shopping today to stock up on Christmas cards for next season. Your post is a perfect example of serendipity, bordering on disturbing ;-)


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