03 January 2012

New Year's Day Brunch

On New Year's Day my Guy and I returned to Moor Hall for brunch. Many years ago we went to a city hotel for brunch but things went wrong with the booking so it wasn't a great event. Since we know our local Moor Hall so well and go there so often we thought their idea of brunch was bound to be pretty good. We were right.

The brunch was held in Moor Hall's Country Kitchen which serves as a carvery. This is the scene that greeted us on arrival.

A gorgeous Christmas tree

A sitting area in front of the entrance to Country Kitchen

Our table faced the door so I still had a view of the tree. We were greeted with either bucks fizz or fruit punch ... both of us chose the bucks fizz. Then we were served with a pot of tea and toast.

They certainly know how to feed folk at this place. I went straight for the hot buffet and had the full English breakfast: grilled bacon, sausages, sauteed mushrooms, fried eggs (there was an assortment of egg dishes), black pudding, baked beans, hash browns, mini burger, fried tomatoes, minute steak, and crunchy fried bread. Afterwards I had pancakes and hubs partook of a little yoghurt. And toast and jam. Wow, it was like having all my dreams come true! If you want to know what I didn't have, just look at the menu.

The guy at the next table started with fruit from the cold buffet, followed by kippers, and then a traditional English breakfast. When he'd finished he (and his wife) went back for more. He might have selected different items but the quantities were the same. Huge platefuls both times, followed by pancakes. I couldn't believe it 'cause I was full to bursting on one plateful.

I was so busy eating I forgot to take a picture of all the goodies on my plate. Heehee, sorry about that. Anyway this was the tail end, the rest was in my tummy.


  1. I'm full just reading what you had! LOL

    We waited until the evening and hubs and I went to our lovely local Greek restaurant for a meal - delicious. :)

  2. oh man...i have not eaten yet...i need to correct that now before i eat the pictures on the screen...smiles....looks like a cool place...and the food great...

  3. What a lovely-looking restaurant, Valerie!

    Love that first shot! It looks like the perfect Christmas setting!

    And HOLY COW! What a menu!

    I love brunch because it's a great combo of breakfast and lunch food.

    Thanks for sharing your day, dear lady!

    Fabulous photos!


  4. That breakfast looked yummy, I made a quiche for us for New Year's Day Norning, but I love breakfast out.

  5. Pearl, I've never been to a Greek restaurant. I think I'd better twist a few arms.

    Brian, I hope you feel less ravenous now.

    Ron, it is lovely there, it's obvious by the way I keep barking on about it. Here most places do an all day breakfast menu but it's not something we normally do on New Year's Day. I shall definitely be going again next year.

  6. The Country Kitchen at Moor's Hall sure sounds like the perfect place to enjoy an amazing New Year's Day Brunch!! Mmmm! Lots of good food choices, and excellent company.
    The tree was really pretty. I am going to miss seeing all the holiday scenes. We still have our tree and decorations up but it's time to start getting that project going. :(

  7. It looks like that was a great place to eat. It had beautiful furnishings. At first I thought you were only having tea and toast and then you said breakfast buffet. What a great deal that was.

  8. Oh my where did you put all that food? I have to admit I have enjoyed a full English breakfast when visiting London and enjoyed every bite especially the fried tomatoes and bacon......:-)Hugs

  9. Argh! You're making me hungy!!

    A "bucks fizz" that anything like a mimosa?

    And at fine restaurants my eyes always seem to be bigger than my stomach. It's a shame, really...

  10. *laughing* Himself will be RIGHT over!! That full English Breakfast is something he sorely misses since moving to this side of the pond.

    OH my gosh....what a pretty sitting area........


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