15 January 2012

Monday Mirth


Akelamalu said...

Thanks for the laugh.

Brian Miller said...

random hair growth...smiles...special indeed....

Ron said...

Brilliant, and I mean, BRILLIANT video share, Valerie!


Her timing is FLAWLESS! She could be a professional standup comedian!

Thanks so much for sharing this, dear lady!

Made my morning!

Have a grrrrreat Monday!


Valerie said...

Pearl, you're welcome.

Brian, I liked that line, too.

Ron, flawless is a good word. She certainly made me smile.

An English Shepherd said...

Great videos made me smile :-)

HermanTurnip said...

"As long as I have the microphone..."

"I tried to run once, but it just makes the wine jump out of your glass."

Bwahaha! Great Monday clip! *golf clap*

Banker Chick said...

That was funny, I forwarded it on to my husband.