07 January 2012

Sunday Scenes - Norway

Beautiful Norway

I should have concentrated more on the distant view

The houses in this area were spaced out, but look at the view they have. Even from a distance it's spectacular. Enlarging the picture will show the greenery on the roof.


  1. Good morning Valerie,

    What a view!! Thank you for sharing these magnificent scenes.
    I would love to visit Scandinavia one day. There is a natural quality to these countries that appeals to me.

    Happy Sunday to you, my friend.

  2. view...i like the creek...spent lots of time around one....

  3. Breathtaking, and I mean BREATHTAKING shots, Valerie!

    WOW! Norway looks AMAZING!

    I clicked to view each one of these photos large, and gasped at their beauty.

    Well done!

    Have a great Sunday, dear lady!


  4. Hi all. Norway is beautiful and, as Ron said, breathtaking. Sailing the Fjords is a spectacular experience.

  5. Love these shots, and I like the lawn on the roof - no mowing that one! lol

  6. Beautiful! The green roofs look so quaint!

  7. Oh so beautiful, a place on my bucket list.....:-)Hugs

  8. It's like an above ground Hobbit hole! Heh...


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