26 January 2012

Greeting Cards

Here are some more of my home made greeting cards. Unfortunately, because I'm using photographic paper, my camera picks up the shine. Consequently the colours don't show up as they should and the glitter lettering looks positively dull. In real life, though, they look okay. I'm not sure if I showed the first one before. It's a scene of the garden at my last house, but I've used it several times so this showing could be a first. Would you believe the butterfly is a lovely lustre yellow?

I saw this 'birthday' gift wrap and thought it might make a decent background with a few adornments.
The butterflies are lovely. They stick on the cards but the wings stand out. I'm quite taken with the different colours and the effectiveness.

More gift wrap provided the filling for the aperture. It is just a design of pastel coloured stripes but it looks quite effective with orchids at the side ... in real life, that is.

The fairy is actually lustre green. It is in 3D decoupage and the lustre made it the very devil to cut out and build up. I took this picture but it didn't show up well so I took it into the kitchen to see if I could get a better shot.

The green still doesn't show but at least you can see the backgound, and I do believe you can tell that the figure stands out from the card.

I'll keep practising. I might try taking pics with the iPhone, see if they come out any better.


  1. Loving the cards Valerie, you're very talented!

  2. nice i like the second butterfly one and the fairy one is really cool as well...nice val

  3. I think that these cards are fabulous, Val! What patience that you have cutting and pasting.

  4. You are very creative, Lucky is the one who gets a greeting from you.

  5. Thank you, Pearl.

    I like the second one too, Brian.

    Thanks, Barb. Making cards is something I enjoy doing.

  6. Hi, Banker Chick. One or two friends have framed their cards. I felt honoured when I found out.

  7. *squealing with delight*

    Valerie, these card creations are faaaaaaaaaaaulous!!!!

    I especially love the 3D effect of the butterfly.

    And the one of the green glitter fairy is so awesome!

    Yes, and I can so see these being framed and placed on a wall as a series.

    Talented lady you are. And in many areas!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Happy weekend to you!


  8. I love the last one the best, quite like the 3D look to it.

    ALl really good though,

    Gill in Canada

  9. Thanks, Ron. You're encouraging me to show more. Maybe a slideshow, if I can get around to it.

  10. Since I am also a cardmaker I can really appreciate this post. Your designs are quite nice. I especially like the last one with the fairy!
    You're very creative, Valerie. Happy cardmaking.

  11. You are a talented lady, Val. Awesome work, and looking forward to seeing more of your cards. Have a great weekend.

  12. Val, your cards are wonderful! You're quite artistic!

  13. I have the same problem when it comes to photographing cards--They never look as cute as they are. The one in the kitchen lighting shows the cute factor--and I do like all the glittery bits and doodads on it. Very pretty!


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