17 August 2012

Feline Capers, an introduction

Starting next week: 
Chapter 1 of the latest write.

The series is called Feline Capers and there are eight parts, one a week for eight weeks. Think you can cope?

The dog tales were so successful I thought I’d try my hand at writing about a cat. I have firsthand knowledge of both yet it wasn’t easy writing about a cat. I’m not sure why. Is it because I like dogs more or could it be that dogs are easier to understand?

It’s a well known and proven fact that cats are more independent and this may be why I had to ‘invent’ some of the escapades. Inside, or should I say outside knowledge just wasn’t available. I mean who goes out with a cat to see what they get up to in those trees or behind bushes? It’s easier with domestic dogs because they’re there all the time.  We feed them, walk them, play with them, and nurse them; if I tried to feed the cat she would have stalked off in a royal huff. She was a loving cat, though, and I tried to include that in the writing.

The story is about a cat called Lee, which is the same name as the one I owned. I hope I kept her character alive. 


  1. Looking forward to reading Feline Capers Valerie. :)

  2. nice...having two cats....we will def relate...smiles...look forward to it val....the dog tales are def great...

  3. Well, I enjoyed the puppy tales over coffee muchly, ty.
    Cats--an entirely different entity!

    I'm sure you'll do well giving them rights for their own personalities, the little arrogant boogers. LOL

  4. Hope you enjoy them, Pearl.

    Thanks, Brian. It would please me if you liked the cat tales as well.

    Mel, I take it you're not too fond of

  5. Looking forward to it, Val! Hurry-up would ya??

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Bring on the Feline Capers, Valerie!

    I LOVE cats! Meow!

    And you're right, there is something a bit more difficult to understand about cats, which is why I'm probably fascinated with them.

    I'm SURE you'll do an amazing job in telling their story!

    Can't WAIT!

    Have a fabulous weekend, dear lady!


  7. Hope so, Ron. I ought to change the header picture to a cat one, but I'm not tired of the dogs yet....smiles.

  8. I belong to a small community from the north eastern part of India..this small community is further sub divided into different clans..these clans are named after animals, kings, birds etc..ironically I belong to the cat's clan and very difficult to be understood easily..laugh..waiting eagerly to read the tales..

  9. Hi Ranita. How nice that you are with the Cat clan. It follows that you will understand the Feline Capers better than me ... grins. Seriously, it was a welcome and interesting piece of information. Thank you.


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