26 August 2012

Sunday Scenes

Some more pictures from Gran Canaria taken in 2009


Brian Miller said... would find me on the cactus too, they are so unique....

Valerie said...

Brian, cactus are easy to grow, too, that's what I like about them.

Ron said...

Valerie, what lovely photos to view while having my morning cup of coffee!

What a beautiful and charming place!

I love the vibrant colors that accent the town.

Thanks for sharing, dear lady.

Happy Sunday to ya!

Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

You're welcome, Ron. Hope you coffee was to your liking. Happy Sunday to you too. Mine, of course, is heading towards a conclusion.... smiles

faye said...

Beautiful... another place I would
love to visit !!

Mel said...

Wow.....just to wander the streets and get to take all that IN would be treat enough--but to then land at the marina-- *happy sigh*
What a beautiful adventure that must have been!

HermanTurnip said...

Love that alleyway with the white buildings and plants. Very relaxing! Reminds me of Balboa Park in San Diego.