18 August 2012

Messing about with pictures... again

I have a new app on the iPad called Nostalgio. It's pretty good the way it allows me to display pictures ... and you know how much I love playing around with pics. The app caters for different positions, portrait, landscape, boxes or strips in a variety of positions. It also allows movement of each picture, within it's frame, until the required position is achieved. Once saved, however, the picture is static. 

The first three give an indication of what my rough patch is like these days.

Two different arrangements

Two pictures of a niece's wedding ... I quite like this arrangement

The next arrangement of Hubs and Daughter was actually the same photograph used three times.

Good, huh?


  1. Your rough patch looks like a regular woodland. I look forward to your cat stories over the next few weeks.

  2. That looks like a great app. I like what you did with it.

  3. Banker Chick, !'m still working on the rough patch ... turning it into a wildlife area at the other end of the garden, out of sight of the house.

    Pearl, apps that I can play with are great ... smiles.

  4. I think I'd like that Nostalgio App, but I don't have an iPad--LOL!

  5. EXCELLENT, Valerie!

    Love your photo collage creations. They have such an excellent quality to them. Clear and crisp!

    Yes, the niece's wedding pictures are quite lovely!

    It utterly amazes me what one can do with an iPad. And not only an iPad, but also an iPhone!

    Happy Saturday, dear lady!


  6. Hi Ron, thank you. The iPad seems to make the pictures clearer than the laptop. I too am amazed and surprised at the things I can do on the iPad (and phone) ... sometimes it's easier to use than the computer.

  7. Very Nice Valerie, I will have to get Cindy to check and see if she has an app for that on her tablet.

    You did well they all came out Great.

  8. Wow.

    I like the threes and fours--not sure why they're pleasing to me, but they are......hmmmmm......maybe I need to make some time to play with photos! :-)

    *laughing* I'll blame you and Ron!

  9. Thanks, Jimmy. I guess I'm a sucker for these apps. I just love messing about, seeing what I can achieve.

    Mel, don't worry, Ron's and my shoulders are broad enough... we can take it lololol.

  10. That's some great experimentation! Really liked the way your nature shots turned out.


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