01 December 2012

Saturday Special

A few pictures taken on recent shopping trips. 
The dogs and the sheep were seen in an arts and craft centre where we also had lunch.

I love these dogs.
I can just see one of them standing in my garden.
The sheep was outside the restaurant... it was lamb week!
Click to enlarge. 
A new Christmas shop has opened in the Mall.  I couldn't resist taking some pictures

Grotto in the Mall

Yes, Christmas is definitely on its way!


  1. I love the sheepie!!

    And I laughed at some of your titles.
    Yup--the holidays have found us. I shall try hard to avoid the throng of people out and about and let someone else do the deed! :-D

  2. I love the dog, too, Valerie! And the pile of stuffed toys is so Christmasy :)


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