02 December 2012

Sunday Selection

By now I am sure everyone has seen all the cruise photographs so, for a change from the Sunday Scenes, I'm posting some random shots. My favourite is the last one; I wonder what yours is?

All in a row
For those with a sweet tooth
For warmth
On the savoury side...
A fowl display!
Reduced for quick sale
Fun to collect
Kiddy seats
Gifts from Australia
Tell me a story...


  1. ha i kinda like the teddy they are all holding onto each other about to slide down the escalator....smiles.

  2. wonderful .. I like them all... but if I must choose... the pig kiddie seats.!!

  3. All great shots, Valerie!

    My favorite(s) are the first one of the bears (because I love teddy bears), and the third one of the fire logs (because I like the textures of the bricks and wood).

    Well done, dear lady!

    Happy Sunday to ya!

  4. I have gone off meerkats, well the ornamental ones. Even if they were selling them at 100% off I wouldn't buy one. Oh hang on 100% off that means free. I'll take the lot in that case and sell 'em down the market at half price!
    What are you testing Valerie?

  5. Brian, the teddy bears picture is my favourite. I could almost weave a story with that one.

    Faye, the chairs are pretty cute.

    Ron, when I saw that collection of bears I just had to take a picture. People had to dodge round me while I did it ... Ooooh the looks I got :O)

    John, you could make a few bob if you put your dislike of meerkats away. Re testing... replied by email.

  6. I like the Christmas meerkats, think they are cute. I like the fowl display too.

  7. The sweets display would be my choice! Also like the kiddy seats!

  8. They're all nice - but I think I favor the "Fowl Display" LOL

  9. I like the Teddy Bears queuing for the escalator to take them down into the woods today for a picnic.I think the one at the end is Yogi.!

  10. I kinda like the kiddy seats. It's just funky enough to be hip...

  11. Ah yes...Bad Lieutenant. Worst first date movie. Ever.

  12. I like them all but the third one would be my favorite.

  13. Bad Lieutenant? Not heard of it, Herman.

    Joe, I thought they'd just come up and were taking a rest.

    LOL Feeling the cold, Jimmy?

  14. I like the first and last one because both remind me of my childhood days. The first one reminds me of my cousins and I falling in line, forming a row pretending to be a train. The last one... I love listening to and reading stories. I think the first one my mom read to me at bedtime were the story of The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the 3 bears, and Jack and the Beanstalk :)

  15. Lea, I remember Three Little Pigs and being ever so worried in case the big bad wolf blew the house down ... ah memories!


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