13 September 2014

And I thought we were winning......

Have you ever been wildly excited only to be smashed down, then get that awful feeling in the pit of the stomach? Well, that’s me!

Last Wednesday the district nurse came to change Joe’s nephrostomy bag. However, in so doing the tube attached to his body came adrift. Panic! Not to worry though, the nurse would deal with things. She couldn’t do surgery but she could contact hospitals and show her authority to get Joe seen to post haste.

As explained before, peeing was something he couldn’t do for a long time but then he could, and the most amazing thing was that the loss of tubing didn’t affect that. We were both so delighted at his good fortune. The consultant at the hospital was also happy. He said it could be that Joe wouldn’t need the bag again. Whoopee!

Before sending him home the doctor ordered a scan to check the state of the hitherto malfunctioning kidney and the result showed a low priority dilation (I think that’s the word – we were calling it distillation haha).

So we get home, thanking the good Lord for the current situation.

Until nightfall.

That’s when everything seized up – reverting back to how it was before when he couldn’t pee as well as being in pain. He suffered all night while I slept (and I slept well because I’d been driving to and from the hospital the day before … that plus anxiety had worn me out). Joe apparently rang the hospital at two o’clock in the morning and then rang again before I woke at around six. He was told to get there ASAP and that’s where he is now. He was taken by cab because, he said, I was in no fit state (still bleary eyed) to drive. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there ASAP though. I typed this whilst having a cuppa and a bite to eat since need to be strong for what faces us.

Since writing this I have had a message from Joe. He has had a bladder scan which was found to be 575 mg full. That’s almost as much as was there before he was fitted with a catheter. Looks like he’ll be having another one.

Off to the hospital now. Wish us luck!


  1. Sending lots of good thoughts, prayers and positive energy to you and Joe, Valerie.

    Much X to you and Joe!

  2. I'll be thinking of you and Joe, Valerie, and hoping that all goes well!!

  3. Good luck to you both, Valerie, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and Joe and hope to hear that he is out again and sorted out very soon.

  4. Thank you all for your good wishes. They are greatly appreciated. Joe is home again and as he says 'fully equipped' with tubing.

  5. So sorry to hear all this Valerie, you will both be in my thoughts. Glad he is home again, what a time of it you've both had! Please give Joe a hug from me and one for you too.

  6. I do wish you and Joe luck. Please, keep us osted.

    Greetings from London.

  7. I am sorry to here the bad news. You both are in my prayers.

  8. Ooh, I see in the comments that he is again home and fixed up. Good to hear. Hope he can rest easy now.

  9. Sorry to hear about the set back but I am glad that he is doing better and he is at home.


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