16 April 2017


It is years since I had a bath but perhaps I should reassure you that I am not smelly. Years ago, I stopped bathing and resorted to [plenty of] showers for the simple reason that once down I couldn’t get out. Joe was more agile but even he began to have problems. So for the last three or more years I have climbed into the bath to take my shower. Actually, I can still do that but as the years go on it will be impossible even to swing a leg over the side of the bath. It dawned on me that I had to do something about it before it was too late.
How about one of those popular wet rooms with a shower, I thought, and nursed the idea for some time. Eventually I decided to go for it and started to look round and get some quotes for the work. A lot of companies were willing to do it – without question – but the one I chose explained it in more detail. To start with, a wet room needs space which was something I hadn’t got. I had thought the bath being removed would be sufficient but what would I know, I’m not a plumber!
I ended up engaging a company to put in a ‘tray’ with stool and small screen. Mike (the rep) included a new shower and tiles with which to cover the empty wall space. Then there was the matter of the flooring, which I hadn’t thought of. We had carpet! Okay don’t tut-tut, please remember carpet was the thing to have once upon a time – maybe a few generations ago. Progress was slow in my house!
Some of you may remember me having new flooring in the hall. It struck me that the same kind would look good in the new shower room. The expert agreed, so I contacted the guy (Alex) who did the hall. Yes, he would do it. He would also liaise with Mike who had said the first layer of flooring needed to be done before fitting the ‘tray’ after which the floor job could be finalised.
It’s was all very technical. I could only hope they knew what they were talking about. Between them they seemed to have got it sorted.
Moving on:
The job is done………. and I am thrilled with it, even forgetting the obstacles I had to overcome.
The day the workmen finished their part of the job, Alex came to do the flooring. Being impatient I couldn’t wait to get the knickknacks back in place and enjoyed making the room look lived it. In and out I went, until I fell over. Wearing silly sandals I tripped at the door, an unlevel patch which once had a door strip but now awaited a new one. Trying to save myself made the fall even worse. Let me tell you that ribs smashed against a wooden door frame is no joke. I’m hobbling around aided by a walking stick, although on this the second day the injury feels ever-so-slightly better.
Alex was brilliant, he made tea and kept checking on me while laying the new floor, making sure I was okay. I was, sitting down! One thing I know is that there are still some kind people in the world. 
I miss the bath, though. Already I can see there are habits that have to be changed. I used to sit on the side of it to do my hair etc, now there is no bath to sit on. I used to lean on the bath to reach something on the window shelf, now there is no bath to lean on. It's a case of starting again but I am mindful of the old saying 'old habits die hard'. I can't wait for the newly ordered bath stool to arrive from Amazon. 


  1. Wow Valerie, your new shower room looks faaaaaaaaabulous!!! Well done!

    I love the black and white tile because I have that in my batheroom as well.

    "please remember carpet was the thing to have once upon a time – maybe a few generations ago."

    HA! Yes, you are so family had carpets in the bathroom too. It was an indoor/outdoor carpet, that if got wet, would dry.

    So glad to hear that your injury feels better.

    I have one of those HUGE old-fashioned bathtubs in my apartment that is also a shower. My apartment building dates back to the mid-30's, which at that time was a hotel. I love the old fixtures (wood floors, glass doorknobs, original floor and wall moldings) which are still a part of the decor.

    Enjoy your new shower room, my friend. And Happy Easter to you!

  2. It looks great, so sorry about your fall, that's scary, hope you feel better soon. Happy Easter.

  3. Ouch, my mother fell over and hit her rib cage on the door frame. I took her to hospital and said take pain killers so she could still keep moving around. It was more important so she didn't get a chest infection from sitting too long.

    Your new bathroom looks lovely, and we still have carpet in our bathroom, with avocado accessories. Can you tell from that it needs doing?

  4. We have a big claw foot tub in our bath at the back of house and it is only used to bathe the dogs, for the same reason...too hard to get in and out of. Since we have a shower in our bath we always use that. The tub is not wasted my laundry hampers fit in it.

  5. Ron, I love to see the old-fashioned baths. One was on sale when we moved into this house but Joe decided against having it. Ours was modern but old, if you know what I mean, not quite as attractive. If my bathroom was bigger I could have done such a lot with it.
    Happy Easter to you, my friend.

  6. Janet, sadly, I am still suffering after the fall. I'm okay for a short while after a rest in the chair, but after moving around for about half an hour the pain is back. Mustn't grumble though, my chiropractor will put things right - I hope.

  7. Joe, I didn't know you could get a chest infection that way. Whoops, better keep on with the painkillers even though they don't seem to work unless I take an overdose... grins.
    Oooh I remember avocado accessories. I wanted that at the time but didn't get it!

  8. Katie, my problem was actually climbing into the bath to have the shower. I imagine a claw foot would be worse, though.

  9. Sorry about your spill. If we hadn't recently remodeled the bathroom, I think I would like a wet room instead of the bath. Yours looks nice.

  10. Always hated baths, live a ling hot shower. stepping over the tub to get in the shower is a hazard, we fixed that issue last year, and enlarged the tub in the guest room as Mrs. C still likes an occasional bath.

  11. Very nice Valerie, this will be so much easier once you get used to the change, isn't it funny how set in our routines we are, and how much a change like this will make you aware of those routines.

    Busted ribs are very painful, I'm sorry you had that happen and hope the healing comes quickly.

  12. Oh it looks lovely Valerie. I am envious of your new bathroom. So sorry about your fall. Hope you feel 100 percent very quickly. Kind of the young man to be so attentive. I read your comment about the claw foot bathtubs. I love them but there is no way at this stage of the game. I have also taken showers for many years. And yes I remember the carpets in the bathroom. It was just how they did things right? Happy Easter!

  13. SJQ, I am very pleased with the result, especially since the new stool arrived. Now I can sit and survey my surroundings as well as wash the feet!

  14. Hi Jimmy, the change is quickly growing on me but it seems strange just to walk in instead of climbing! I love it though.

  15. Joeh, I used to read a book in the bath.... can't do that now but I don't care. I love to shower, especially now I don't have to clamber over a bath to get one.

  16. Hi Denise. I'm having trouble walking. I did before but the fall seems to have worsened it. My friends looked horror-stricken when I mentioned carpet in the bathroom so I knew it was time for it to go.

  17. That looks mighty fancy Val! I like a bath but sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth. Getting out entails getting on my hands and knees to stand up. Hope that didn't hurt to laugh at that vision :)

  18. kden, it does look fancy, surprisingly. I didn't expect it to turn out like it has. I didn't laugh... getting out is worse than getting in.

  19. Progress & adjusting to change I'd call it. Your doing good Valerie...:)

  20. The new shower room looks great, Val. Change isn't always easy, but I know you will make it work. You have a pretty good track record of being awesome. Take care.


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