24 February 2018

Books I have writ!

10 April 2009

Apart from one story in a National Women's Institute magazine I never had anything published. However, to satisfy my ego I bound the two novels and one set of stories, using Irish style binding (see left) but didn't get round to doing the fourth. The binding wasn't a great success. It's fine to look at but if the books are read it's difficult to hold the pages open. Perhaps I didn't do it right. But still, it was handy for storing on the Welsh Dresser along with other books.

2009. I aired the matter on the blog and received a lot of comments, all telling me to go get published. Well, I tried and failed and finally gave up because I couldn't be bothered anymore. One leading firm of publishers was very kind with its comments about my first novel even though they didn't want to publish. I was happy with that since their praise was pretty good. I did win a silver cup with my favourite story, though, and after that I began to tidy up my collection by having them professionally bound. 25 in all, different sizes, two novels (see below, in yellow and pink) being the fattest books.

I sold a lot and the above are all I have left. Family members had one of each and I gave some to friends. The ones in the second picture were those my Joe took for himself, and which I retrieved when he died. 

People still tell me to get published but I really can't raise the enthusiasm anymore. I get pleasure with re-reading and allowing others to read some of my work. 


  1. Valerie, I had no idea you've written TWENTY-FIVE books, that's AWESOME!!! I love the way you had them bound, they look so professional.

    As I've shared with you many times throughout the years we've been blogging together, I think you're an extremely talented writer. And you have such a knack for writing several different genres. I've never had the ability to write fiction, which you do so brilliantly.

    I blog with several writers who, like you, have tried to get their work published, a few who have, but other who have not. Therefore, I know it's not easy.

    It's kind of like when I was a professional actor, auditioning for various roles and not getting them, it wears on you. So I know how you feel.

    Yet, I'm still very impressed with your talent, my friend!

    Happy Sunday to you and Charlie!

  2. Great post. I often think similar thoughts about rejection and waiting for publishers to reply,if they do.

    Have you ever been a member of a writing group? I use to be in one and it was great to read out my work and read other writers work. At least we can publish our work on the Internet.

  3. Hi Ron. Wow, if ever I felt down all I would have to do would be to read your response to this post. Thank you for your kind remarks. It's people like you encourage me to write more. Enjoy the coming week, my friend x

  4. Dave, I did attend a writing group many years ago. That's where I learned to accept criticism as well as praise.

  5. Published or not, it is still an accomplishment to be proud of. At least they are in book form and not a folder of rag tag papers for 'someday'. Some days when you need down time, pick up a book and enjoy a great read.

  6. kden, I've read some long after they were written and surprised myself. Did I write that, I think, and get a huge thrill when the reply comes back, 'Yes.

  7. Yes, you really should be published Valerie. But these days you don't need to get a publisher, you can put them out on Kindle. Whether you want to go to the trouble of doing it I don't know but I am guessing you would find a following, you have a real gift for a good story.

  8. Jenny, I did put three on Kindle but, as you said, it caused more trouble than it was worth - at least to me. It was a long time ago, before I decided to publish stories on the blog. My old blog 'Val's Ramblings' had all the stories and were listed in the side-bar. At the age I am now it's a bit too late to worry about publishing.

  9. I think it's become easier to put things on Kindle now but it is still pretty time consuming, i am not convinced I would have got anywhere without help to be honest!


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