30 September 2018


First posted in 2012

Apologies to at least two blogging friends who have seen this before. 

Animals who…..
  1. jump up uninvited
  2. bite
  3. snarl
Call centres

Drivers who…..
  1. fail to indicate
  2. cut corners on a right hand turn (or left, depending on where you live)
  3. ignore speed warning systems
  4. ignore highway code
  5. cut in without warning
  6. cross traffic lights on red
Failed technology
Guy Fawkes Night
Hard selling
Instant messages
Keep fit fanatics
Lingering goodbyes

People who
  1. shout
  2. don’t hold doors for person behind
  3. allow toddlers to scream
  4. have no manners
  5. can’t control animals
Public lavatories with
  1. no room to move or sit
  2. grubby sinks and toilet pans
  3. defunct water taps
  4. overlarge waste bins taking up valuable space
Queue jumpers
Road rage
Shop assistants chatting to customers when there’s a queue
Telephone calls for…..
  1. advertising
  2. research
  3. surveys
Unhelpful Internet providers
Widgets that don’t work


  1. Valerie, I'm surprised I didn't read this one because you and I were blogging in 2012. I must have missed it?!

    MANY of the ones you listed are mine as well:

    Drivers who…..
    fail to indicate (one of the main reasons I'm so happy that I no longer own a car or drive)

    People who...
    don’t hold doors for person behind (this happens all the time in my city)

    Queue jumpers (that is so RUDE, isn't it?)

    And it's funny you mentioned this one because I just recently had a bad confrontation with a Verizon Internet provider when I contact them to change my services to a different apartment. I got so mad that I literally hung up on her, but not before I said to her, "You know something? I DON'T LIKE YOU!"

    Unhelpful Internet providers

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday without any "irks or hates"

    X to you and Charlie

  2. Good day, Ron. You could have been away somewhere, or working, or living it up. I checked again and found only Matt's name. We all got together that year so you weren't far away. I'm glad you had a go at the Verizon woman, they and others do seem to talk at you instead of to you. And it was mad drivers that decided me to get rid of the car.

    Hope you have a brilliant week and month!!

  3. Ohhhh good grief, Yes!!!!!!!! Who could _not_, agree with your list??????

    Although I'm not familiar with your Guy Fawkes Night. But I imagine it's a night, when it's *OK* to run wild and do things, which are really law-breaking. Ughhhhh...


    1. On Guy Fawkes Night people go wild, aiming fireworks at people, throwing them into private gardens, and fighting anyone who goes near. Vandalism with a vengeance.

  4. All the above and I would add to your list:speeding cars when I am walking on country roads.

  5. Great list!
    Agree with *most* of yours...

    Halloween (You know us!)
    Instant Messages (FB messages are one way I keep in touch with some)
    Oranges, mmmm! Not so much the juice, although I do like some if it's very pulpy...or even eating them, but the smell of a fresh peeled one I especially enjoy.
    Zoos I'm maybe on the fence about, but have enjoyed visited a couple near us at times.

    1. Yes, I know how you love Halloween. As for zoos, I was thinking of animals in captivity, caged and lacking in freedom.

  6. Great list. I think we could all add some to it, but who has that much time :)

    1. I think I covered most of the important ones, kden.

  7. That is quite a list Valerie, you've covered most peeves people have.

    1. Denise, already I have been advised of a few I missed, which have been added to the list in case I ever want to blog it again lolol.

  8. You left our Flip Flips and Rap Music! Hehe.

  9. I could a few more to your list, in fact I was thinking about doing a post about what bugs me but haven't found the time! Another thing that irks me!

    1. Go on, Joe, draw up your list. I did mine over a period of time, but I was using the laptop to prepare it ready to copy and paste.

  10. Valerie, this was a first time read for me and I agree with all of the things you listed. Here’s one of mine, sales people who answer a phone call when I am at the register ready to pay.

    1. That most definitely shouldn't be allowed.


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