10 January 2020


HELLO ALL. Gosh I have missed you.

Even though my back is killing me I felt an urge to start writing. It has been a fretful few weeks when everything went wrong. Not sure in which order it all happened or didn't happen. but I'll give you an idea of why I couldn't use the old PC.

Imagine the scene... a room dedicated to office work, and blogging! A cosy room heated by radiator, which took it upon itself to do a slow leak. One I didn't know about because I always wear shoes and didn't know there was water leak seeping slowly. That was just after a new carpet had been laid and (coincidentally) damage done to the radiator .. unknown and unseen. Unbeknown to me the water built up and built up until eventually it managed to seep into the entire carpet and show itself.

I screamed for help and plumbers rushed to my aid. They did a good job of assuring me that all would be well once they finished mopping up, sealing the hole, then whipping out the old rad and installing a new one. The whole job taking much longer than I expected. And all this time I couldn't use the old PC. Another new carpet was laid yesterday and now I keep feeling the new rad to make sure I can't find any water. 

It has been a most harrowing time and not even a blog to cheer me up. I hope I am not tempting providence. #

None of this was any good for my poor back or my mental state. Must dash, I await another plumber who is changing the taps in the bathroom.  Fortunately, that won't interfere with the typing room. 

Hope everyone is well and happy. Love to all.


  1. Ye Gods, I was only away two weeks and now I can't get the blog working properly. For all those trying to get through here please tell me how I go about rectifying things when they go wrong.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, you're back! So great to see ya, Valerie, you have very missed!

    My,'ve been through a lot these past two weeks. Isn't something how whenever it rains, it pours? Everything seems to happen all at once. I remember a time when a water pipe broke two flights above my apartment at 1 AM, as the water came bursting through the ceiling in my bathroom. was horrible because it was hot water, that was also dirty and rusty. It took the maintenance department a MONTH to fix the ceiling in my bathroom.

    At first, I thought something happened to your computer, but now I understand what you meant by not being able to use your PC.

    Glad to see you back, my friend. Hope your back is feeling better soon. Have a peaceful weekend!

    X to you and Charlie

  3. Welcome back, Valerie, and yes I tried to leave a comment here yesterday but received an odd message stating that only team members could comment. As I was able to comment on other blogs it was confusing, so I posted about it today and as a result, you may get some new visits😉 Glad to read an update that Ron helped sort things out, my friend. Also, Happy New Year to you and hopefully the rough start with leaky radiators, ruined carpeting and aching back will be sorted out in due time. It’s good to have you back in blog land!

  4. Hope you and the house are feeling better. =)

  5. I'm glad you got the water problem fixed in the blogging room.
    I'm sorry that your back is bothering you.
    I send you gentle hugs from the USA to across the pond.
    We haven't really seen winter (yet) here in Georgia, USA. It is very warm here today, and we have the air conditioner going.
    Hugs to you, Valerie.

  6. Ugh! How awful for you. We have had leaks in the past and they are a real pain. I had that 'only team members could post at another blog recently, but bless me if I can remember whose it was as I was in a bit of a rush and thought to go back later, but by then my brain box had forgotten where I had been :(

  7. I am glad things are back to normal Valerie.


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