31 December 2019

Gone but hopefully not forgotten

Due to an awful calamity I am unable to use my laptop and using this tiny gadget takes hours to do. Thank goodness, though, that my neighbour let me write this on hers. I will, of course, explain as soon as I am able.
Behave yourselves in my absence. 
I can however read blogs even if I cannot comment.

Happy new year to you all


  1. Don't worry, Valerie, we'll be here when you get back. I remember many years ago when I lost my internet service for almost two weeks and couldn't blog. So frustrating.

    Take care, dear friend. And Happy New Year to you and Mr. Charlie!


  2. I'm sorry to hear about your laptop mishap and hope you'll be able to get it fixed very soon. Tiny gadgets are frustrating to use (I hate cell phones). Anyway, it's good that you're still able to read blogs.
    Take care, and have a bright and blessed New Year.

  3. Drat! I wish you all the best for 2020 Valerie and look forward to swapping comments on our blogs. Best wishes.

  4. Darn it, don't you just hate when those calamities happen at the least convenient times, Valerie? Hopefully, your problem(s) will have a good resolution in this New Year and you will be able to be back online sharing your wonderful stories and more. Don't worry, I can be patient and wait. Happy New Year, blogger friend.

  5. Oh goodness Valerie, I am so sorry about this. I hope things return to normal very soon. A not so nice start to the Year but may 2017 be a very happy one for you.

  6. I have trouble commenting on blogs from my iPhone. I can comment, but I have to do it as "anonymous"....and I am anything but anonymous! :)
    I hope that you continue to be patient with whatever is hindering you from posting/publishing to your blog, and I know that your patience will be rewarded.
    I look forward to 'seeing' you here soon.
    I pray for a blessed 2020 for you.


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