22 July 2011

The Answer plus a Discovery!

What was it?
Yes, it was the inside of a car wash taken from inside the car. Well what else can you do whilst waiting for the wash to finish?
Congratulations to Denise, Faye, Mona and Ron who all got it right.



The cupboards in my work room cum office are bulging with stuff I rarely use. Consequently I seldom explore the contents. However today in an attempt to find a particular item I came across several boxes of, well, surprises. Stuff that had gone unseen for goodness knows how long. There were packets of cards I’d made several moons ago and forgotten about and in one box there were:
  • tools that had gone into hiding for fear of being lost by my beloved; you know the sort of thing, screwdrivers and scissors
  • fountain and ballpoint pens (new and unused) that had been presented on various occasions (how many pens does one need to get through daily life?)
  • pencils by the score
  • craft items in the form of knives, paints, brushes, varnish, white spirit, glass paper, and glue
  • copper bracelets and rings
  • magnetic bracelets (these indicate how long ago the arthritis hit me – they obviously didn’t work!)
  • floppy discs with recorded stuff from WI, now useless pieces of computer equipment
  • hatpins on a card, inherited from mother
  • and two penny coins: (1) dated 1831 featuring Gulielmus IIII who was King William IV from 1830 to 1837, and (2) dated 1853 featuring a young Queen Victoria. If Victoria came to the throne in 1836 and King William in 1830 they had both done a year before these coins were issued. How strange that we now have a future king, Prince William who will be known as King William V. I have no idea where the coins came from, inherited from either mother or father.
  • Another coin in this small collection was a ten cent piece from East Africa dated 1831. Another mystery.

I tried taking photographs of the coins but they didn’t turn out very well. However, here they are as proof that I’m not making this up… grins. The hatpins turned out reasonably well, don’t you think?

More boxes will be delved into when I have the energy to keep saying Ooooh and Aaaah.


  1. What a nice discovery.......
    the hatpins , coins... pens.. I would
    be oooohing and ahhhing all day too !!

  2. Cool hat pins! Love the coins too! And I never would have guessed a car wash until you told me and I was just in one yesterday in hopes it would rain, but alas.

    I lvoe going through boxes and finding things I havent seen in a while.

  3. We have all got that lot somewhere although I do not think that I have any hat pins. How did we manage without all this clutter?

  4. nice...we have a 'junk drawer' in the kitchen that we love to go through on occassion, so of the most interesting things...

  5. Love the hat pins and yes, you did a good job with the camera. Isn't it amazing what we find when we turn out a drawer or a cupboard.

  6. What a nice surprise! This is what it will be like when we finally get off the road and start to open the boxes we have in storage!

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I can't believe I got it right! There are a few of my blogging friends who share these "What Is This?" posts and I think I may have guessed them only TWICE. Congrats to your other readers who got it correct too!

    I LOVED this post because I too have a drawer I store things in that I very rarely use or even have looked at over the years.

    "floppy discs with recorded stuff from WI, now useless pieces of computer equipment"

    HA! I still have a few of those too!

    Love the shot of the hat pins! Do you remember when women actually wore a hat with a pin?

    "Another coin in this small collection was a ten cent piece from East Africa dated 1831. Another mystery." cool!

    Now you've got me in the mood to go through that drawer and see what "I've" got in there!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Hope you're having a super Saturday!


  8. one of these days i'll clean out some drawers.. and maybe find treasure :)

  9. Ron, I thought 'what is it' was a bit of an obvious one. Oooh I hope you share some of your finds when you get round to it. Perhaps I've influenced you. Your post about Philly influenced me to write about my experience with the law. Heehee all above board.

  10. Very interesting list Valerie. I wish I had those kind of unique items in my "everything" drawer.

    I'm glad to hear the mystery answer. I was clueless!


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