23 July 2011

Blue Angels

Over here in the UK we have the Red Arrows, in America they have the Blue Angels. Whatever their name and colour these pilots do an amazing job. The pictures were sent to me by a friend in Rochester, NYC, who gave permission for me to put them on the blog.

Here they come
Wow, what a show
I'd get neck ache trying to capture this shot


  1. I have only ever seen the Red Arrows once - but they were indeed spectacular.

  2. You are making my head spin again Valerie.

  3. I've seen the Blue Angels twice, and the Thunderbirds several times. It's amazing how close they fly together and not run into each other!

  4. very cool..we had the blue angels here not too long ago...actually the got grounded after performing for breaking the flight laws and flying too low...

  5. Yes! Yes! I remember sitting in my bedroom as a kid and watching the Blue Angels flying overhead; performing their amazing stunts!

    I honestly didn't think they were still in existence

    Great shots!!!! Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Have a FAB day!


  6. Last time I saw the Red Arrows was in Weymouth a few years ago. They're truly amazing. There were some moment when I found myself holding my breath.

  7. Alan, I agree.

    John, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel giddy again.

    Mona, the only Thunderbirds I know of are the cartoon variety...grins

    Brian, that's interesting. I suppose they got carried away.

    Ron, seems I've revived a memory for you. I love to watch stunt flying but it's been a while since I did.

    Sharon, me too, held my breath I mean. Been thinking of you and wondering how you are (after the Norway tragedy)

  8. I have seen the Red Arrows once. The way that they handle those aircraft is amazing.

  9. I have seem the Blue Angels in person. They are amazing. I would encourage you to go see them if you have the chance. It is something to see guys fly inches apart at break neck speed as they do.

  10. I would love to fly in one while they were performing..
    Lots of spectacular photo ops.....haaaaaa

  11. The Red Arrows are fabulous and I suspect so are the Blue Angels - it takes a lot of skill to do what they do.

  12. Such an impressive sight to see!


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