28 July 2011

Well I never!

There I was, sitting at the traffic lights waiting patiently for the lights to change, when this huge vehicle moved up to turn right. Well, you know how much room HE needed for the manoeuvre. It took up the whole of the road and provided a perfect photo opportunity. However, I think the camera missed the end of the message, I'm pretty sure hens lay eggs in other parts of the world.


faye said...

you soooo funny .. glad you had
your camera and captured the moment.

Have a great weekend.!!

Brian Miller said...

hehe...perhaps it was a more personal message...

Akelamalu said...

That was a great photo opportunity Valerie!

Montanagirl said...

HaHa. You always manage the neatest photos. It's always good to have one's camera at hand - or in hand.

Ron said...

Valerie, this photo ROCKS!!!!


And I am sooooooo glad you had your camera handy to photograph this AWESOME capture!

You GO, girl!!!!!

Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mr. Shife said...

Way to capture all of that awesomeness on film, Val. Very cool and funny thanks to you.

Barb said...

A very funny catch!
That is making me some morning humor.
Happy weekend :)

Pat said...

That's funny!