01 July 2011

I bet it’s those pigeons again

Just after my Guy completed an excursion round the garden, he happened to look up at the roof. ‘Have you seen what’s up there,’ he shouted.

I was in the kitchen at the time so I rushed out, as you do. I looked to where he was pointing and saw this

Yes, there’s a plant growing on the chimney. I won’t ask if anyone can identify it and I’m certainly not going to climb up there for a closer inspection.

Hmm the pigeons spend a lot of time up there, I bet this is their doing.

So what do we do? Leave it?


  1. It's certainly unusual. Can't advise you on what to do with it, though, I'm afraid.

    By the way, there's something waiting for you on my blog x

  2. smiles. yes at least it is pretty but do get it taken care of before it roots out your bricks...

  3. COOL!!!!!

    At first, I did think it was a pigeon. But then I clicked to enlarge and saw the pretty plant!

    I guess those pigeons were doing a little house remodeling - HA!

    Gee, that's a tough one because if you leave it, when you go to use the fireplace in the Fall - POOF go the pigeons. So, I say leave it until the Fall and then perhaps the pigeons will migrate somewhere else.

    Think of it as their "Summer Home."


    Fab shots, dear lady. Have a great Saturday!


  4. I saw a tree growing out of chimney once. I guess you made some ropes and a helmet to do the weeding there.

  5. Brian, I'll be sure to get it removed before it does any damage.

    Sharon, yes it is unusual.

    Ron, heehee those pigeons had better watch out, I'm on the warpath. Summer home, indeed!!!

  6. Dan, I will never make a mountaineer :O)

  7. Valerie I agree with Brian. If this turns out to be a shrub the roots will dislodge the brickwork eventually. It has to go. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  8. Hub, we had the roof seen to last year, looks like it will have to be looked at again. Duh!

  9. It adds a nice touch to your roof! Won't it just die off in the winter? I wouldn't worry about it!


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