04 July 2011

Gardening the Modern Way

I was inspired to write about gardens (again) when I passed a house in my road. You've probably heard about plugs, the new easy, fun and economical way of raising flowers for the garden. I'm told that great results can be achieved with minimum fuss and maximum reward.

I have only one question to ask concerning the new'ish invention known as the plug ... where is it? My neighbour obviously can't find it.

So do we iron the grass now or just the weeds? Don't tell me ... let me find out for myself.


  1. Looks abandoned, doesn't it! Oh well, perhaps someone will come back for it soon, poor thing! Meanwhile, a few geraniums would look nice in that border, wouldn't they!

  2. Oh I feel ashamed now, at the weekend I was hoovering the garage out and started doing the drive....

  3. So that's where I've been going wrong! I haven't been ironing my weeds. No wonder they looked so untidy!

  4. haha yeah let me know how that do you have to use starch as well?

  5. that is just so funny and it looks like my old iron!!!


  6. Star, if it was my front garden I would definitely have flowers.

    Hey Kath no need to feel ashamed, just grab the hoover and do mine :)

    Sharon, we're obviously behind the times...

    Brian, I'll try starching and let you know how it goes

    Oooh Gill, I should have checked whose iron it was.

  7. I'd love to know the story behind that! ;)

  8. Pearl, if I find out I'll let everyone know. Hubs thinks the iron might been left out for the 'any old iron' merchants.

  9. Okay, first...I LOVE your new template design, Valerie!

    It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool-looking. And perfect for summer! LOVE the photo in the header!

    And second....


    That last photo and caption was brilliantly hysterical!

    Hey, I need something like plugs because as you already know...I have a black thumb when it comes to growing plants and flowers - HA!

    Have a great day, dear lady!


  10. Something I have never thought to do....wonder why?......:-)Hugs

  11. Hi Ron, I thought I'd cheer myself up with a refreshing summer look just in case summer doesn't arrive over here.
    Glad you like it. Heehee you might try plugging in your iron and see what happens... roses look good on ironing boards.

    Bernie, me neither. Perhaps we attended the wrong schools...grins.

  12. You funny llady !
    I just mow everything in front of me ....quicker that way.
    The photo reminds me I need to replace my old iron..
    Thanks !,


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