25 July 2011

My Rough Patch

Attracting insects, bees and butteflies is what my rough patch is all about and here they come
I've watched the progress of a specimen spear thistle from when it was a tiny seedling. Don't know how it got there but once identified I knew the bees would love it when it flowered. This bee worked amazingly fast, covering the entire flower in seconds.
Unfortunately I couldn't get a shot of the butterfly... maybe another day


  1. nice. sounds like a great place to sit and watch...

  2. I wish I had room for a rough patch, although I have to say that since planting lots of bee and butterfly friendly plants in Mum's garden, it's absolutely buzzing with life even though it's completely paved with just narrow, raised beds around the edges. Where there's a will there's a way :)

  3. Well, I just HAD to click to enlarge these lovely photos so I could see that bee up close.

    Valerie, these shots are faaaaaaaaaaaabulous! Love the clarity and sharpness. The combination of the color of the flower and bee are brilliant!

    I love sitting in the park under a tree, and watching the busy bee's working their pollen magic on the flowers.

    Ain't nature GRAND?

    Thank you for sharing, dear lady. Muchly enjoyed!

    Have a wonderful day....X

  4. Grand photos, Val. My rough patches always seem to be on the mornings after the night before.

  5. you are a great photographer! I strive to be half as good as you!! These are great!

  6. Great shots, Val. Your Spear Thistle somewhat resembles our Canada Thistle (even though I'm in Montana!

  7. Such lovely photos. I think they would inspire a poem or two from me.

  8. Great set of shots ... Your rough patch is a great place for photo ops.


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