29 March 2013

An Easter Song

For all the kids reading this blog!
Happy Easter everyone.


  1. haha...cute songs....hop hop hop....easter bunny out of sight...smiles...happy easter...

  2. That's very cute, Val. I hope a lot of kids see that! Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter.

  3. Well, I'm not even a kid and I LOVED it :)

    But then again, I am a BIG kid - HA!

    Adorable video, Valerie! I love bunny rabbits!!!

    Happy Easter, dear lady, and have a lovely weekend!

    *hop hop hop*


  4. A great little clip for the kids! Will be sure to play it for Bianca and Caitlyn when they get up.

  5. I am going to come back and play this for Kyle when he is up in the morning. Happy Easter to you Val. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hahaha. The kid in me loves it have another listen.
    Tyty...and a Happy Easter to you!

  7. Heehee I'm glad you all liked this video. It kind of brightened up my snowy Good Friday when I saw it. Hop hop hop!


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