28 March 2013

Technological Blips, or Where Am I?

The other day I somehow clicked the wrong keys on the laptop because I suddenly became, in Google’s words, incognito. I’ve never been incognito before and couldn’t imagine my sylphlike figure being regarded as veiled or concealed or even imaginary. Believe me, it’s a shock to the system to know that you’re no longer there, so to speak, but like it or not incognito I was and it seemed that incognito I must stay.

My new status meant that I had to reregister on every blog I visited, although the thought of browsing internet sites without them knowing and not picking up cookies was an attractive idea. Reading the instructions on how to revert back didn’t help. I didn’t understand them so it looked as if I’d have to stick with the new régime. Then suddenly, after three days, everything went back to normal without me doing a thing; perhaps I inadvertently clicked those wrong keys again.

I've been with Google Chrome for ages and not had much bother but this latest hiccup was a mystery. Although we don't always realise it certain keys on our computer keyboards give out commands to Google and whoever. The problem occurred whilst editing an ordinary document (mine) whilst on line and was in the process of typing one of the many keyboard commands. Unfortunately I couldn't remember which one. Sometimes I've hit wrong keys when typing email on Yahoo and all sorts of things happen, not as serious as this latest one though.

Q. Do you use keyboard commands or does your mouse do all the work? 

I see some of my followers have deserted me.. . three down. Wonder what I said to drive them away? It has happened before but they came back again so I guessed then it was a Blogger blip. But this time they haven’t come back. Yes, the same three have disappeared again ... sob!  Hang on, could this be due to the incognito problem? Have I become invisible? Hey, look, it’s me! Can’t you SEE me, for heaven’s sake?

I believe other bloggers have similar problems, in fact some have written that their followers go up and down like yo-yo’s (really?) but I didn’t think it would happen to me. I’m hurt. And curious. And fed-up. What’s up, does anyone know?


Since typing this my followers list has changed again. One lovely blogger was following twice but that was rectified on the next viewing; and of the three missing ones, two have returned. I'm beginning to question my eyesight so I think I'd better stop looking ... otherwise ... well, let's just hope there are vacancies when the white van reaches it's destination. 

Also since typing this I have discovered that I am STILL INCOGNITO. If anyone knows how to sort this out I'd be pleased to hear from them. 


  1. Hi Valerie. Cheer up, I'm still here, sorry I haven't been to visit lately, nothing personal I promise, just life getting in the way. Is there an icon with three horizontal bars at the top right of your screen? If there is you click on it and it will instruct you what to do. At least I hope it will.
    I will be back often.

  2. ha. it may be the work that google is doing disconnecting google reader...i dunno...i have people come and go...some just give up...others i dunno...relax you are all know i will be here...smiles...and tech issues...ugh....they are such a head ache...

  3. Oh. OH! I'm a chrome user and while I KNOW there's an 'incognito' function, I've not dared to use it--deliberately. I'm going to hope I don't hit a wrong key! I'd have to beg help from the more knowledgeable, which is just about anyone and everyone. LOL I can't help you with this one, ma'am. But I'd have to ask what Brian asked--maybe it's that switchover while 'reader' starts going away? I don't 'follow' people because...*hanging head* I don't know how and I don't know the function's purpose? LOL TRUE. I up! And sometimes there's a lapse because life gets in the way--or the reader doesn't show a recent post (which will be a mute point cuz it's going away, I hear!)
    You? Offensive?! Oh, dearheart--NEVER offensive that I've noted--ever.
    ((((((( Valerie))))))))

  4. I seldom use chrome. Mostly because our
    antiquated computers at work don't have it installed and we don't have authorization to update.

    Blogger has always been a bit strange.
    I have had posts and comments deleted
    by the blogger power and then returned
    days later....

  5. John, I investigated that straight away. As far as I can see it doesn't help become un-incognito... unless I'm missing something, it just assists with individual sites.

    Brian, thank you. I knew I could rely on you... smiles. I have followers who just disappear but those I referred to go and come back.

    Mel, if I were you I would leave well alone. I don't officially follow everyone, but those I really, really want to follow are in my blog roll. Your last comment touched my heart. Thank you.

  6. Tech issues are a literal pain. My blog shows 200 some followers, but the most comments I usually get are about 20 to 25 on a good day. So, you're not alone.

  7. Valerie, as you know, I use Google Chrome as well and the same thing has happened to me (incognito). This happens when I'm going to my bookmarks and accidentally click on the 'incognito window' button. But all you have to do is click on the tab (above your browser; to the left) and it will get you out of incognito and return you to your normal Chrome browser window.

    I don't use the Google Follow widget on my blog but have heard from other bloggers that the same thing happens to them - some go and then reappear - but I think it's more of a technical issue than losing followers or being incognito.

    And you have NEVER offended me in your writing. Sometimes people come and go or just takes breaks from reading a blog (it happens on my blog as well). I've learned something about blogging in these past 6 years, stay true to YOU; write what you feel called to write, and let allow your readership to be your readership. Some will stay loyal, and others are simply looking for the next new blog.

    But deary lady, you will ALWAYS have me as your reader.


  8. Hi Ron, by 'tab above the browser' do you mean the grid-like button, with three tiny lines? I went in there but it didn't say how to remove incognito permanently. I only saw the following - for individual use.

    Because Google Chrome does not control how extensions handle your personal data, all extensions have been disabled for incognito windows. You can re-enable them individually in the extensions manager.

    Thank you so much for your support, you're a gem.

  9. ", by 'tab above the browser' do you mean the grid-like button, with three tiny lines? I went in there but it didn't say how to remove incognito permanently. I only saw the following - for individual use."

    No, that's the button that gets you INTO incognito. The button I'm referring to is the X button, which you should see on the upper left hand corner of your browser. If you click on that it should remove incognito and return you to your normal Chrome browser window.

    Hope that helps....X

  10. Ah, the mysteries of cyberspace, we'll never figure it all out Val.

    With Google Reader calling it quits, I'm going back to my "old" way of following fav blogs (incl. yours!) and adding them to my many blogrolls. I disliked that Google Reader would not allow me to unsubscribe blogs when I wanted to and for this reason alone, I won't miss it.

    Don't sweat the small stuff my dear, and let's face it, most of it IS the small stuff. :<)

    Hugs and Happy Easter, G

  11. Hey, I've been there. I actually accidentally dropped a few blogs from my blogroll, and missed re-adding one. Months went by before I realized my mistake. Can't tell you how bad I felt! Heh...

    But no worries, I'll stick by ya!

  12. Geraldine, you're right, it is small stuff. I share your opinion about Google Reader, especially the non-facility to unsubscribe. I'd forgotten about that.

  13. Still here :-). Technology problems are really frustrating. I have a problem where Blogger won't find my Youtube videos to upload, even though they are there on Youtube. Hope your problems are sorted quickly!

  14. If I was one of your missing bloggers, it's just that I don't get around to read/comment as often as I should. And then sometimes when I do make it to a blog I comment on a couple of posts at a time to catch up and then disappear again for a little bit.
    I would love to have more followers but not blogging regularly gets in the way of that. Can't expect people to follow when I don't post anything new for sometimes weeks at a time.
    I don't use Chrome or know what 'incognito' is.
    My new (since Christmas '12) computer is a MacBook Air. It's nice, but I have no idea all that it does. Sometimes I click something and the toolbar, or single item on the toolbar, goes missing and then I log out and back in and it returns. ?

  15. Mary, you are not one of the missing bloggers. It's lovely to see you when you do manage to post something or visit others. I hear good reports about Mac and often wish I'd gone down that route.


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