23 March 2013

Meat, and all that rubbish!

We’re just about getting over the shock of having horse meat mixed in with our beef, and pork mixed with beef when it shouldn't be, when the news emerges that sausages aren't all they seem. Instead of the usual pork and cereal we have been eating bones and stuff.

Why am I not surprised to learn that suppliers are selling mechanically recovered residue, only changing the name so that it can legally be termed meat in the UK. Indeed, one manufacturer believes the product is widely used.

Content known as desinewed meat (DSM) was introduced in the UK in the nineties but a better description is a higher form of recovered meat retrieved from animal bones, similar in looks to mince and closer to meat than slurry.

I read this piece of news:

“the BBC has learned that across Europe many suppliers continue to produce desinewed meat using different names including "Baader meat" and "3mm mince". Baader meat is made using a machine from the Baader company in Germany and according to a spokesman, the device removes the membrane and the sinew and in the end "it is meat"! Suppliers that use the Baader system in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain all stated they believed their desinewed products are outside the EU ban and can count towards the meat content of sausages and other foods. In e-mails seen by the BBC, some of these companies say they are very keen to supply it to the UK.”

You have been warned, folks. If anything you buy is labelled Baader meat you know where it came from. Horse meat sounds good compared to this, providing the suppliers let us know. There was a hue and cry over horse meat but hardly anything has been said about this revolting sounding content in our food. Thank goodness for genuine butchers, is what I say, at least the're doing well out of the horse meat scandal.


  1. I don't buy sausages very often but when I do I buy them from my local butcher who makes his own. After reading this I'm glad I do!

  2. it is ironic that baader meat is close to badder meat....ugh...anything to make a buck eh? why not take advantage of hungry people....

  3. OMGosh......MORE reason not to eat meat in the first place.
    Wow. I don't even wanna know what they do to it over here. :-/

  4. As Mel shared, I don't even wanna know what they do to it over here in the U.S?!?!

    We have something here called, Scrapple, which is a pork meat patty that is composed of all odd parts of the pig. My father used to love it, but smelled horrible when you fried it and tasted even worse.

    I don't eat much meat, but when I do, it's primarily chicken. But god only knows what they do with that.

    Have a FAB Saturday, Valerie!


  5. Thank goodness for our butchers, eh Pearl?

    Exactly, Brian.

    You've got a point there, Mel. Why indeed.

  6. 'pork meat patty that is composed of all odd parts of the pig.'

    I'd have to know WHICH parts, Ron. Sounds decidedly iffy so I Googled Scrapple and found it was pork scraps and trimmings. I'd have to treat that one with caution. Don't even go down the chicken route... ignorance is bliss, as they say.

  7. Darn it ... what with palm oil in commercially produced baked goods and all this, it's looking increasingly likely that I'm going to have to start COOKING again!

    Curses on all these purveyors of 'not food'!

  8. Yuk! I think if we humans only knew the half of it, we'd never eat much of anything ever again! Good post, Val!!!

  9. Wow. That is certainly disturbing. Thanks for the information Val. I am so glad we have a local butcher we trust where we get our meat. And I also wanted to let you know that you inspired by latest blog post. Take care.

  10. Eeeewww...makes me glad I'm a vegetarian, reading posts like this. It's been over 20 years and I've never missed it.

  11. Eeeewww...makes me glad I'm a vegetarian, reading posts like this. It's been over 20 years and I've never missed it.

  12. Stopped eating Hamburgers a long time ago.. and usually have more chicken than beef... the chickens are local,
    so I feel a little better about those...
    a co-worker has a few hens and supplies
    us with 'fresh' eggs...

  13. Since having gone on different diets I've had to do more research about foods and all I can say is... it's SCARY! Even buying organic (which I can't afford to do across the board) is iffy as there are problems with labels and big corps, etc.
    I noticed Ron's comment about Scrapple. LOL Oh my, what a strange item that is. We used to have to eat it as kids but I never much liked it. Burnt, covered in ketchup was the way I got it down. ;) My hubby still likes it and orders it at the diner sometimes. Eww! He'll eat just about anything though... obviously. ha!


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