18 March 2013

Monday Mirth

This is Monday Mirth, old style, simply because I am hooked on Rhod Gilbert. I watched this video with tears rolling down my cheeks. I do hope you enjoy it as much. 


  1. ah i needed is truly a monday today...even the weather agrees....ha....but i needed a good laugh...smiles.

  2. Brian, I am pleased you enjoyed this video.... I rocked with laughter while watching it.

  3. Bwhahahahahahhhaha!

    Valerie, you're right....TEARS rolling down my face!!!

    He. Is. BRILLIANT.!!!!!!

    "Toothbrush whisperer..."


    Thanks so much for sharing the awesome Monday Mirth!

    LOVED it!


  4. Wow! Mr BC wanted to know what I was laughing at...I didn't get all the references but he is a hoot.

  5. Ron, it was funny. Who would have thought a toothbrush could be soooo hilarious. I keep watching this guy... he puts a new slant on everything. Glad you enjoyed the video.

    BC. I hope you let Mr.BC see the video. The Welsh accent is hard to pick up, especially at speed like this guy. I viewed it three times to pick up what I had missed.

  6. HaHa...FUNNY video. I'm learning to like that guy!

  7. This guy is HILARIOUS. I've lovin' that he uses props in his acts, and that I can (sadly) relate to his experiences. Hehehe!

  8. Funny guy and I love the accent !!

  9. Hi Herman. Isn't he a hoot? I'm curious now... you mean you actually own one of those toothbrushes...haha.


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