21 March 2013

Shrinking feet?

Let’s talk about feet. Well, why not, it’s as good a subject as any I can think of right now. I take a size 5 or should I say 38? About average, I’m told.


My feet have shrunk, I am convinced of it. About a year ago I noticed that my shoes had begun to slip on my feet. Hitherto I thought that corns and things were caused by shoes that were too tight, as most of mine once were, but my local podiatrist informed me that it was loose shoes and slippers constantly rubbing that did the damage. The natural assumption was that my shoes had stretched, or softened, or whatever the phrase is for sloppy shoes.

I discussed the matter with the podiatrist, suggesting to him that my feet had shrunk. He assured me it was not possible. So what else could I do but stuff the shoes with new insoles and hope for the best. Uncertainty about size was the real drawback to buying new shoes. I mean, think of the waste of money if the same thing happened. Anyway, since there was nothing else wrong with my various pairs of shoes (not quite as many as Imelda Marcos, but close) I didn’t feel like buying new until the old had worn out. These days I don’t wear fancy shoes, respectable yes, and reasonably attractive, but not fancy. I couldn’t even stand up in the latest heels and some of the styles are a bit, shall we say young.

All my life I’ve bought good shoes, good makes, Gabor being one of my favourites. I know that if I buy good they will last longer and since I’m no longer a fashion icon I prefer not to keep forking out for upmarket shoes that will spend their days in the shoe cupboard.  I did go mad and buy a pair of boots the day the snow disappeared. Still they’ll come in when the next lot descends.

I popped into TK Maxx the other day. It’s that kind of store where I can pick up bits and pieces at low cost. To get to the household goods I have to pass the shoe section and that’s when I saw some rather attractive flatties in a sale. After looking round to make sure no-one was looking (I look a bit ungainly these days when there’s no stool to sit on) I tried them on. What a sight I must have looked wobbling about on one leg whilst trying to ease my foot into a shoe. They fitted perfectly but the quality was awful. It was only when I took them off that I saw the size - 4 or 37, a size smaller than I usually wear. Can you believe I didn’t buy them? The reason for that was a feeling that they wouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks. You can tell I have no faith in cheapo products... grins.

So what do I do now? Do I go back to the foot man and tell him he’s wrong, or just go into a store and ask to try on size 4 or 37? I think probably the latter on account of being able to talk to assistants who know their job. I might even end up having perfect shoes for imperfect feet.


  1. ha. shoe size seems relative...i cant just go in and buy shoes without trying them on as it seems there is a wide rage of the same size...i am anywhere from a 10.5-11.5 depending on the company that makes the shoe...

    hopefully your feet dont get too small...smiles...

  2. I know your feet can shrink if you lose a lot of weight because mine did though not a size smaller I have to say. I love TKMaxx I could spend hours in there! LOL

  3. And you left without the evidence?
    k.....cheapo shoes--not wise. But FUN shoes are fun!
    I ADORE heels...though notsomuch those that aren't well put together.

    Sensible shoes.....OH DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!! :-/

  4. I am not sure my feet shrink but my toenails have gone nuts, and I have made an appointment with a foot doctor. My wife of 57 years and I have both shrunk in height. Me about 3 inches and about the same for my wife.

  5. I think it's possible to shrink as we get older isn't it? Oh, I don't know!!

    I also buy suitable shoes, rather than fashionable ones. I can't walk in heels at all and wear slippers all the time when I'm indoors. But I do live in wellies when I'm outside, or mucker boots.

    One of my favourite makes is Hotter. They aren't particularly trendy but they are good quality and last for years.

    CJ x

  6. Ha - love your sense of humor. I don't buy shoes very often either. Why should I ?? I'm retired and don't require much. When I do buy shoes, it's usually "Born" brand or "Ariat" or something similar. And they're super comfortable and last forever. I have a pair of Joseph Seibel shoes I've had for years and years.

  7. Pearl, we have two TK Maxx stores, one exceedingly better than the other. Unfortunately the better one is just that bit further away... smiles.

    Afternoon, Kath. Nice to see you. I used to wear Hotter shoes until the soles on a few pairs (stored over the summer months) began to disintegrate. I was literally walking without a heel one day, leaving a trail of rubber (or whatever) bits.

  8. Faaaaaabulous post, Valerie!

    It reminded me of the movie, "The Incredible Shrinking Woman."

    I found it very interesting to hear about your feet shrinking because mine have done the opposite over the years - they've gotten bigger (or rather wider).

    I know that we shrink in size as we get older, so perhaps it's the same for some people when it comes to their feet.

    Your TK Maxx store sounds like the TJ Maxx we have here in the states.

    P.S. I love the photo of those boots you have. Very nice!


  9. Hi Ron.... yet the chiropractor says it's not possible for feet to reduce in size. Isn't that strange? I'm wondering if it's all a matter of how much flesh we have on our bones?? I'm going to ask him next time I go. Sounds very much as if your TJ Maxx is the same as ours, perhaps it's a different name because it's a different country.... taxes and all that!

  10. Wow, you have tiny feet Val!

    I'm 5'9" so I wear size 9 shoes and that so far has stayed the same. But I do think most people's feet shrink a bit over the years.

    Too bad some other parts don't shrink on their own. I can think of some areas I'd appreciate some shrinkage, like my thighs, LOL. :<)

  11. I have this memory of long ago, spending my week's wages on a pair of 5-inch heels, green satin shoes. I was about 24 and I loved those things. I have always had a broad foot and squeezing my feet into a medium could be a bit of a challenge. No wonder so many of us have feet problems. I always wear flatties now because I sprained my ankles so many times, I wonder why? ;) Good sense eventually prevailed I guess, that and necessity.

  12. I'd say it was the difference in shoe brands, but then again...

    My feet have definitely widened, as a product of gravity and weight.

  13. Shoes are tricky especially if bought on line. Since I mainly buy running shoes I stick to brands I'm familiar with and usually get the sizes right.

  14. It's funny, but I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit. I have extra wide feet, and in every store I go to the coolest shoes are always made for men with tiny feet. Really bums me out!

  15. Herman, I know how you feel...

  16. None of my shoes are the same size unless they are the same brand. For some reason the manufacturers are not universal when it comes to sizes. I hope you find a solution to you problem. I would just go with your gut and talk to the shoe guys at the stores. Take care Val and good luck.


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