30 March 2013


You’re not going to believe how many clocks I have to adjust when daylight saving changes have to be made.

1 Bathroom
2 Bedroom (radio alarm & portable alarm)
2 Cell phones
2 Cameras
2 Cars
3 House phones
2 Office (two rooms are used as offices)
3 Watches
4 Kitchen (microwave/cooker/central heating/wall clock)
2 Lounge (timed heater & clock)
2 Laundry area (wall clock & timed radio)

That’s a total of 25 ... and we only live in a small bungalow.

Thankfully computers and videos reset automatically.

Isn’t that enough to put you off? Is this the reason I hate adjusting clocks or is it because I think it’s all a waste of time and effort? It might have been okay when the idea was first formulated, to help the farmers I believe, but is there any need to continue?

Husbands are a different matter. If I point out that the clock in Joe’s car hasn’t been changed to the new time he professes to not knowing how to alter it ... and would be quite happy for me to do it for him. If I leave it long enough the excuse changes to ‘why bother, it will be right again in six months’. True, but only a man could live like that!

I didn’t realise this clock-changing headache was a worldwide thing until I read this article by Mike Pound. Do read it, it’s hilarious.


  1. ha. i am not a fam...i understand the premise but in the modern era, why are we saving daylight? we have the ability to create light..our ag industry is much smaller than it once was...luckily we already went through ours weeks article for sure..ha....happy saturday val

  2. ‘why bother, it will be right again in six months’ is EXACTLY what I say when folks note the car clock. Hahahaha... True. Makes he-who-is-anal batty. LOLOL

  3. I TOTALLY agree with you, Valerie, is there any need to continue adjusting clocks?!? We, here in the U.S., adjusted our clocks about three weeks ago, and I had to tape notes all over my apartment to remind myself to do it because I ALWAYS forget.

    That was a HILARIOUS article by Mike, thanks for sharing it!!!

    Have a super Saturday, dear lady!


  4. Brian, you're right the ag industry. Glad you enjoyed the article.

    Mel, I'm curious. Is it laziness or not knowing

    Ron, you'd laugh my way of remembering... I have a permanent spreadsheet list on the computer which gets printed twice a year ... with a column for ticking off as clocks are changed. Don't laugh too loudly. Yes, I thought Mike's article was worth linking to. Very funny.

  5. that's a LOT of clocks Val. I wish they'd just leave the DST all year round, it's getting to be longer all the time anyways.

    Happy Easter to you and your family, G

    PS: I'm sending you an email, if I can find a contact addr. here, have a ?? I hope you can help with. :<)

  6. Mypoeticpath, happy Easter to you, too. Email on its way.

  7. I can relate to men not changing the clock in the car.... of course I can't ride in Bob's car with the wrong time, so I change it for him.....

  8. I agree changing times is a pain but 25? We have about 5 to do so we are lucky. Our time change is coming up soon.

  9. Paul, the total number changed, some timepieces had gone so the final count was 22. Three less, wowee!

  10. Faye, you're a very considerate

  11. It's the same in our house and doesn't it get tedious. Three cheers for the one on my computer, which changes itself! Happy Easter.

  12. I have to look at instructions twice a year to change the clock on my car. I try to remember and it is quite simple, but I get stuck every time. Mr BC is looking for a watch that will change time for him???

  13. Thankfully MWM changes all the clocks or they would stay the same! LOL

  14. Hi Pearl, it's a job I hate and one which is ALL DOWN TO ME. Perhaps MWM would care to do

  15. Wow, you have a lot of clocks to change! Hubby does all the ones in house, maybe 6 or 7? Cells and computers are automatic. The only one I changed was the one in the car and that took me a little bit to figure out. It's a lease that we haven't had for all that long so I didn't know right off how to do it.

  16. Mary, I always have to check the instruction book for changing the car clock. Six months is a long time to remember how to do it....grins.


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