21 April 2013

Sunday Scenes

The buildings of Rome


  1. Grand buildings and such history! Sadly never got there!

  2. Wow....busy place! And grand architecture to be sure.
    I love the one of the wee dome, gone green with age. What an amazing and busy place.

  3. Simply beautiful.. great choices for the Sunday scene. I love Rome...

    Hope your Sunday is relaxing and as enjoyable as your post !!

  4. So beautiful, not to mention impressive!

  5. Valerie, what a pleasure it was to sit here, sipping my morning coffee and looking at your stunning photographs.

    I clicked to view them in slide show mode and BIG, so that I could see all the detail. Love the one of the fountain because I noticed some bubbles floating in the air. How cool!

    And it's always so interesting to me to see images of such ancient and beautiful architecture (such as the 4th photo down) and then see the contrast of people walking around in modern apparel; imagining what it must have been like back when people walked around in ROBES and SANDALS - HA!

    Awesome Rome tour, dear lady. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Ciao! X

  6. Ron, on the picture of the fountain, did you notice the statue next to the dome? I didn't notice it before.

    I think that's the end of the Rome pictures. As I said on an earlier post I am deleting them from the main computer and just holding them on the remote hard drive. Bloggers have seen most of them now and I need to move on.

  7. Looks like Rome gets quite a crowd. I can see why though. Magnificent buildings!


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