06 April 2013

Saturday Special

Remember these?


  1. haha nice....he def caught my era in this...smiles...and somethings i had not thought about in a while...happy saturday to you!

  2. Well.....*sigh* I'm definitely an old git.
    Seriously.....we never stabbed each other. Ever.
    Boy--there were so many things in the video and that's the one I pulled out?! :-/

  3. Valerie, what an awesome journey back to past!!!!

    Flawless video clip!

    And can you believe that I still have about two dozen VHS tapes AND a VCR player?

    Gosh, I don't even have a cell phone OR iPad.

    I'm STILL living in the past - HA!

    Have a super Saturday, dear lady!


  4. Heehee, Brian, of course I don't remember any of these things....grins.

    Mel, sadly they do now.

    Ron, I thought the music was catchy, too. Two dozen tapes ... that many, huh? OK I confess, we only recently got rid of ours haha. You're very clever to be able to resist buying modern gadgets. I couldn't.

  5. That cell phone cost about $1100.00
    and weighed about 3 lbs.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  6. LOL, you made me laugh Val!!!

    I remember bell-bottoms, weren't they a hoot! :<)

  7. Ha - Loved it. I remember some of that good stuff!! And I still don't own an iPad (yet).

  8. Ah, childhood memories. I miss the 80s so much. I will share this on my blog with a link back to you of course.

    You blog the best videos.

  9. They certainly were, Geraldine. Now it's low slung trousers... I think I prefer the bell bottoms.

  10. Mona, I like the way you slipped in the word 'yet'... grins.

  11. I still don't own an iPad. lol I do remember quite a few of those things. Simon! Played that with my sister. :)

  12. It was quite a memory jerk, Mary. Reminded me of my age duh! :0)


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