18 April 2013

The Rolling Pin Has It's Uses

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Years ago, it was standard practice to present a bride with a rolling pin on her wedding day, a wooden one, decorated with ribbon and flowers. There was no hiding the fact that they were hints that she should either start baking the minute the honeymoon was over or keep it as a weapon in case her man needed a reprimand. I never took the hint. I didn’t bake and I didn’t fight! My rolling pin was kept in the drawer and used for  ... do you know, I can’t remember what it was used for, if anything. I shall struggle now trying to recall just one instance when that pin was used. Anyway I had it for years; I suppose it was more like a souvenir than a kitchen implement. It wasn’t until I married a second time that I found a use for it. Now, now, don’t get any funny ideas.

Of course, I was older when I remarried, old enough for my memory to act a bit wonky. To overcome the problem I wrote lots of reminder notes, leaving them in strategic places; except there seemed to be a plethora of strategic places and the place was beginning to look like a litter bin.  One day I decided that since the surfeit of notes made the place look untidy I had to find a solution. This you can see in the picture ... a rolling pin bestrewn with colourful ribbons and matching paper clips which can be hung as shown or inserted in a jar. Personally I like it hanging so I can twirl the notes round. Little things, you know, please little minds. I still use my gadget; the only trouble I have is remembering where it

·         Just remembered, I believe I used the rolling pin to prod the washing in the old copper wash-boiler. Crikey, now I AM going back too


  1. I lived in fear of that rolling pin! LOL
    And all the time you were just sending me a message!!!

  2. Really laughed out loud, Joe.

  3. LOL great idea Valerie. I use my rolling pin for baking. ;)

  4. Pearl, why didn't I think of that :O}

  5. ROFL
    What a brilliant idea. I'm of the rolling pin era--suppose he-who-is-of-the-era will take the messages attached to the rolling pin to mean "OR ELSE"?
    Oh...I'm liking this idea a LOT! LOL

  6. Mel. Or else....whaaaaaa. I like it ... very much.

  7. "Years ago, it was standard practice to present a bride with a rolling pin on her wedding day, a wooden one, decorated with ribbon and flowers."

    HA! Yes Valerie, I DO remember that! And it's so funny because if you watch old B&W movies, you'll see references to that!

    When I was a kid, I used to love helping my mother in kitchen while she baked pies; using the roller pin to flatten out the pie crust dough.

    LOVE your idea about using the pin as a pin up for messages. That is BRILLIANT! And also, very cool-looking! Love the ribbons!

    Enjoy your day, dear lady!


  8. Ron, it's great having kids help out in the kitchen... you must have been a great help to your Mom. Now if I'd been allowed to help I might have developed a love of baking. As it is... well, the pin came in handy for

  9. I never rolled out anything bakery, with my rolling pin. I have pounded nuts, crackers etc with it. Very effective.

  10. Great use of the rolling pin ...
    I remember the one my mom used
    for rolling out pie crusts.. these days you just get the crust already to go .

  11. Rolling pins are definitely a multi use item! I have one from my first year in Toronto, when I was attending university, that has designs cut into it, that's always been my fav one.

    You write such witty posts Val, always a treat to stop by here. :<)

  12. That is a cute idea. I have only used my rolling pin a few times. I have rolling pins from both my mother and my mother in law. I was thinking I should do some kind of display showing all three rolling pins.

  13. And not once used for violence... wonderful!

  14. HaHa! You are too funny. I still use my rolling pin when I make pie crust.

  15. It's a wonder Lea hasn't bought me one as I seem to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You have a much more interesting use for it!

  16. My mother wore out her first rolling pin, and two more besides! She was the pie queen!

  17. I have a certain aversion to rolling pins ever since I dropped one on my foot and broke a toe oh those many years ago. Rolling pins are the tools of the Devil if you ask me...

  18. Faye, it's sad but convenient to buy ready-made.

    Geraldine, I've never seen one with designs; must be quite attractive. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment.

    Pat, I look forward to seeing your threesome display.

    Mr V, there's always a first time.... like when exasperated with touchy

    Mona, I like making you laugh!

    Paul, you could borrow mine if Lea doesn't get round to

    Susan, I never knew a pie queen... my mother didn't go in for baking.

    Herman, it must have been a heavy rolling pin to break a toe. Hope you recovered quickly from the ordeal.

  19. Love this. I never heard of this tradition until I read your blog. I am going to ask Mrs. Shife if she has heard of it. Take care, Val.


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