28 April 2013

Sunday Scenes

Seats and steps, windows and gates, walkways, walls and hedges!
All seen in Vigo in 2009



  1. Nice shots Valerie, I particularly like the first one. :)

  2. nice...i like all the where is Vigo?

  3. Brian, Vigo is in north west Spain. Sorry about that.

    Pearl, I too like the first one... and the gate quite appealed to me.

  4. Oh, all that stone....all that lichen....LOL Lovely. Who wouldn't wanna steal a bit of a rest on that first bench--oh, but I like the window shot. I have this things for windows and doors..

  5. I guessed Spain and I was right. Lovely!

  6. Banker Chick, I really should have said where it was.

  7. Bellissima, Valerie!

    What lovely captures!

    I especially love those stone benches and tree roots!

    Spain, another place I would love to visit.

    Thanks so much for sharing, dear lady!

    Happy Sunday!


  8. Love these shots...
    you have two of my faves..
    benchs and steps ...yesss

  9. Faye, I always think of you when I see benches. I didn't realise you liked steps as well...smiles.

  10. Good afternoon, Ron. Thank you. I didn't know you liked tree roots. Must search the archives to fish a few out ... pictures, that is, not tree roots....hahaha. Of the two, I preferred Italy to Spain, but each to their own.

  11. these are all so beautiful. I love the first one most of all, I can picture sitting there. :<)

  12. Hi Valerie!
    This is Sophie, the Labradoodle's dad Ron ~~ that's a mouthful!! This place is so beautiful. Would love to visit someday.

    Thanks for this!!


  13. I enjoyed seeing all of the photos! You've been on quite a few wonderful trips. I didn't know where Vigo was, but looked it up and now I do. Spain! Nice!

  14. Not only are these beautiful locales, but there are more than enough benches to sit down and take in the scenery! Great pics!

  15. Hi Sophie, good to see you here. Yes, it is a beautiful place, very relaxing too.

    Hi Mary. We have been to some wonderful countries. We did a lot of cruising at one time.

    Hi Herman, we needed benches to rest our limbs after a lot of walking.


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