10 December 2011

Saturday Special

When the crew of HMS Ocean realised they were going to be home for Christmas, they decided to make a video. It's great.


  1. ha too cute...the cross dressers they seems to be pretty well the joke of men eh? lol

  2. I think I saw this the other day on the News. Pretty cool!

  3. BRAVA!

    What a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous video clip, Valerie!

    TOTALLY put a big smile on my face!

    Love the guy sitting on the commode - HYSTERICAL!

    And what a great ending!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady.

    Happy Saturday!


  4. Mona, it has been on the news a lot. The men are home now too, thank goodness.

    Brian, thanks for the giggle!

    Ron, I liked that bit too. Cheeky lot!

  5. That was great.!!
    Thanks for the smile..

    love the new header..!!


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