12 March 2015

Lunching out...

Saturday lunch at the restaurant was a dazzling affair, the sun on the lake almost forcing us to draw the blinds. Most enjoyable, pity the next day was so wet.

When two swans came into view I wondered if they would avoid the obstacle in the water

But no, they sailed right over it!

Joe and I still manage to dine out on Saturdays since his hospital visits are confined to weekdays. He had a spell in hospital last week, when a stent was fitted to or in an artery. It was to help blood to flow more freely and keep his heart ticking. Mind you, I think it might have been an excuse to have a week off housework, since he was forbidden to do any. Nor could he drive for a week 
(whisper - I wonder which doctor came up with THAT idea. Couldn't have been a man, surely!).

And the good news is - we are going to have some wonderful Spring weather. 
I'll keep you posted on that.


  1. Hope you enjoy the spring weather! We are finally getting some here as well! Glad Joe's time in the hospital for the stent went ok and he is recovering well. Enjoyed seeing the swans!

  2. One step back. Then two steps forward is the key. Good luck, Joe...:)

  3. I am going to have to set up a regular lunch date with Mr that Spring has sprung...

  4. Healing is a peculiar thing.

    Thanks for sharing the swans! My 2 yr. old grandson and I sat on steps and watched them for 20 minutes while others fed them. He pointed at them and said "Duck!" Since that was one of his first words, I smiled and agreed.

  5. Gorgeous lake photos! We're getting a bit of warmer weather here, too. Not feeling Spring quite yet but with all the people out and about yesterday it's definitely coming!
    Glad you got to enjoy time out with Joe.

  6. Valerie, it sounds like your weekend was like my weekend. It was beautiful here! GREAT photos! Love the ones of the swans!

    "(whisper - I wonder which doctor came up with THAT idea. Couldn't have been a man, surely!)."

    HA! I bet you're right!

    Glad to hear that you and Joe had a great lunch day outing!

    Please give Joe my best!

    X to you both

  7. Certainly spring is here already. Those photos are beautiful. Great to know that your Joe is out and about, even if he seems to have the equivalent of the "man flu" these days! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  8. Lovely Swans! I hope Joe will be okay!!

  9. Bethany, we did enjoy the weather when this picture was taken, but it has now turned cold and wet. Still, it's early days....

    TB, passing your message to Joe. Thank you.

    BC, make sure you do... smiles.

    Hi Susan, 2 years already. How time flies, and what fun you must have taking him to see the ducks. Lovely.

  10. Ron, it's all changed here weatherwise. Rain and cold has replaced our sunny weekend. I am reassured by weather forecasters, though, that all will be well soon.

    Our Saturday lunch has become a firm ritual. I never think of cooking on that day... I have enough of that during the week...haha.

  11. Thanks Cuban. I like your comment about man-flu... certain illnesses do seem to have become fashionable!

    Mona, I shall do a medical update if anything changes.

  12. Love the pictures, Val, and good to hear you and Joe had a nice time. Enjoy that awesome spring weather and keep getting better, Joe. Take care.

  13. Good to hear you and Joe are still able to enjoy eating out, hope the stent does the trick. xx


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