04 April 2015

Songs and Sounds on Saturday

This is not my style of music but since the piano is played by my cousin, Susan, I thought I would include it in my Saturday programme. Susan specialises in Chamber Music and is often heard on a radio culture wavelength, one that broadcasts operas and highbrow stuff. She has written three books and also writes about music in a national newspaper. Susan was the first female student in the music faculty at Kings College, Cambridge University.

Susan Tomes


  1. How lovely! She has a nice smile and plays beautifully.

  2. Valerie, I am SO impressed that your cousin, Susan, played the piano in this piece! OMG...she's faaaaaabulous! I actually listened to it TWICE!

    "Susan was the first female student in the music faculty at Kings College, Cambridge University."


    I took piano lessons for several years when I was a kid but didn't take it seriously; therefore I never became proficent. And it's ashame because I could have really used it in all the years I spent doing musicals in the theater. I'm one of those people who cannot read music but I have a good ear, so I had learn all my songs by just listening and "feeling" the music.

    Thanks for sharing this, dear lady. Enjoyed!

    Have a great Saturday!
    X to you and Joe

  3. What a talent she has! This was lovely.

  4. I enjoy listening to classic music sometimes. I have a wide taste in music.

  5. Good morning, Ron. I'm glad you enjoyed Susan's playing. She certainly is very accomplished.

    There's another coincidence - I too had piano lessons but now I can't play a note. I took exams but was caught out by an examiner on the last exam when he asked me to start again at a certain place on the sheet music. That's when he discovered I played from memory.

  6. Wow....That's impressive, breaking that "first woman" barrier at Kings College.
    Gonna haffta share this with himself whom, I'm sure will enjoy the listen!


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